Halcyon Haze / 13 Sins/ T juice / Cutts ice.


Upon hearing the news that Cutts Ice had released several new flavours my heart began to beat just that little bit faster, the makers of such classics as Gin’s Addiction, Northern Lights and Red Astaire have always had my interest but once again they had captured my attention.

Many manufacturers are still undergoing a transition from a myriad of one or two note flavours into more complex and intricate creations but Halcyon Haze focused in on gourmet or even gourmand recipes from the very start : )

Let us take a moment ladies and gentlemen to get comfortable, grab your beverage of choice, check that your tank or dripper is suitably full of your favourite juice and discover if Cutts Ice can maintain their reputation as one of Europe’s most innovative e liquid brands?

Halcyon Haze – Yellow Biafra

They say: A superbly sweet cocktail of ripe banana, golden syrup and toasted almonds, mingled with notes of vanilla and a rather delightful suggestion of pink candy floss.

I say: Like a trailer trash Barbie’s wedding cake… syrupy sweet banana ice cream with an incongruous marzipan base. I do not get the candy floss at all. It works, but is not an all day for me, it is more of an after dinner treat to be enjoyed occasionally.

13 Sins – Suzy6

They say: A fruity burst of sweet candy zests, which will excite your taste buds. There are overtones of strawberry, watermelon, and raspberries, followed by a smooth, cream soda exhale with just a hint of freshness. Suzy is a silently seductive all day vape.

I say: They ain’t lying, however this gourmand tastes more of a fizzy melon, a hint of mint and something between candy floss and meringue on the exhale, nevertheless it’s another stonker… comparable to Over the Rainbow by Vaponaute.

A must for all discerning fruitarian vapers!

13 Sins – Jack3

They say: A powerfully moreish toffee popcorn punch, for lovers of all things dessert. The flavour combination is made up of a ripe and bruised banana undertone, and notes of coconut, caramel, raspberries and clotted cream. Jack will keep you coming back for more.

I say: You can barely separate out the flavours here as the ripe banana and slightly salty caramel bombard your palate, the raspberries hiding in the background serving only to add a delightful sour twist like a good coulis dribbled on ice cream. A mouthwatering dessert liquid here, good for evening vaping or even occasional daytime decadence.

My S.O. (not a vaper) declared that it was an intergalactic mega dessert… not to be confused with a pan galactic gargle blaster:


These liquids reminded me of just how pleasurable vaping can be… soothing to the soul and yet tantalising your tastebuds. I urge you to sample these new flavours and the rest of the collection at your earliest available opportunity here: http://www.halcyonhaze.co.uk and here: http://www.13-sins.com

It should also be noted that 13sins have included test results for these liquids on their website, Bravo!

Rating: An original collaboration from Fin Dac and Nigel Q – http://www.13-sins.com/about-the-artists