The Black Cirkus – Vincent Dans Las Vapes


Another newer line from the people that brought us Les Grands, some more complex flavours here coupled with some old favourites…

L´Auguste / Augustus the clown:

They say: Apple crumble, figs and brown sugar.

I say: There are very few juices that faithfully adhere to their descriptions although it is fair to say that the majority of European manufacturers have improved their descriptions remarkably over the past year. Here we have a juice that is exactly what it says in the description. The crumble is almost chewy, while the figs and brown sugar act as a counterweight to the tart green apple. Not an ADV for me… yet it is undeniably delectable dessert vaping!

L’illusioniste / The conjurer:

They say: Kiwi, Coconut, Mango and Pineapple

I say: This reminds me of Strawpeardew by Liquid Voyage, not that they taste the same, however both are very interesting fruit salad vapes made with love and care, both of them are also very hard to put down during the summer. Kiwi on the inhale followed swiftly by the mangos/ pineapples, the coconut dips and bobs throughout adding a creaminess to the mix. Totally tropical, the only thing missing is a grass skirt and some bongos. Boomshakalaka!

Absinthe Rouge / Red Absinthe:

They say: The perfect balance of the freshness of absinthe and the softness of red berries.

I say: A lovely red fairy juice, related to both Red Astaire and Bloodie Fruiti (Liquideo), yet it has a stronger absinthe inhale with a sweeter red fruit finish / exhale. This is a great palate cleanser or an all day. Leave the bottle open overnight if you prefer a lighter absinthe and more unidentified berries.

Vanille Custard / Vanilla custard:

They say: A unique custard cream, served with an overtone of vanilla pods

I say: A dark, heavy vanilla custard that is perfectly good… but is in no way unique. Great room note too.

All 6mg/ml e liquids 30VG/70PG enjoyed in a 1.6 ohm rayon wicked magma on top of a cana firing between 15 and 20 watts. For such PG heavy liquids they are all surprisingly smooth.

For more information on these and many more liquids see here:

Rating: Georges Seurat –