Liquideo by Kenzo.



They say: a mix of RY4, peanut butter and Courmarin pipe tobacco

I say: Like an ry4 made from a heavier dark tobacco, plenty of caramel and ginger notes with a serious throat hit.


They say: toast with butter and strawberry jam

I say: a good breakfast vape… if a little sweet. Similar to Mutan from the Ministry of Vap line.


They say: Red fruits with anis, eucalyptus and raisins.

I say: Similar to Belace from the Ministry of Vap line which reminded me of my dentist’s mouthrinse


They say: crème de menthe, tea, coconut and cactus

I say: The best of the bunch, a good smooth crème de menthe with a hint of tea in the background, the cactus is there as well but I cannot taste the coconut.

I expected more from a collaboration between Kenzo Takada and Liquideo.

All 6mg/ml eliquids (50VG/50PG) vaped in a magma at 1.3ohms on a cana firing at 20 watts.

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Shake it easy by Liquideo


Liquideo’s unique collection of milkshakes ready to vape, adds yet another constellation in their galaxy of e liquids.


They say: All the pleasure of chocolate without the calories.

I say: Like the last bit of milkshake that gurgles noisily through a straw drawing attention to poor table manners. More chocolate milk than milkshake but with a great room note.

Strawberry fix:

They say: Like a strawberry frappe.

I say: Needs more milk / ice cream : (

Top Banana:

They say: A banana flavoured milkshake that will conquer you.

I say: A very ripe banana drowning in milk, I liked this one but it is very sweet, a dessert vape for me, it reminded me of Yellow Biafra by Halcyon haze.


They say: A titillating vanilla perfume.

I say: My favourite of the bunch, a great vanilla milkshake that is easily an all day vape for me. Very smooth with no nasty nicotine aftertaste.

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All 5mg/ml liquids (70VG/30PG) enjoyed in a fibre freaks wicked magma at 1 ohm on a cana firing between 19 and 30 watts.

Xbud by Liquideo


Based around a collaboration between the boffins at Liquideo and one Bud Coleman, a photographer who divides his time between New York and Paris and you thought your commute was too long…


They say: Mentholated Gin vapours with a hint of Hibiscus.

I say: Like the best murray mint … in the world! A creamy hibiscus with a hint of mint, a lovely all day vape and I suspect a welcome refugee from the think line.

Gold tiger:

They say: Mild, fruity and sweet tobacco that packs a punch.

I say: More, More More… light and fresh perhaps a little heavy on the sugar however there is good all day vaping here as well. What fruit? I hear you ask, couldn’t tell you but I can confirm its great stuff indeed! There are elements of Vaponaute’s Into the wild here.


They say: Lemon, anis, liquorice and two or three other things?

I say: Light lemon here swiftly press ganged by a liquorice and anis tag team that stomp all over whatever else the boffins may have hidden inside. Strong and smooth anis and liquorice similar to Snake oil, Druide by Mrs Lords / Northern Lights by Halcyon Haze axis of anis. In a nutshell… a winter warmer.

Pink Dragon:

They say: Red fruits, black raisins, anis and eucalyptus.

I say: This tastes of a good strawberry/ raspberry surrounded by a horde of black raisins with a cooling breeze of anis and eucalyptus to finish. In a recent survey eight out of ten Koala bears prefer vaping Pink Dragon. Very, very moreish and dare I say it… Liquideo’s sweet response to Red Astaire.


They say: Apple and Cinnamon, the day of the dead…

I say: A sweet and sour green apple (think of those mouth shredding apple drops from your childhood) softened by a careful drizzle of cinnamon. Autumn in your dripper.

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All liquids enjoyed in a fibre freaks wicked magma at .8 ohms on a coolfire 4 firing between 24 and 30 watts.

Rating: Sailor jerry



Liquideo… like the known universe continues to expand to infinity and beyond with the new line “Stache Paris”, added to the already bewildering selection on offer from this French company. Stache is themed around such hirsute heroes as Dali, Selleck, Mercury and Chaplin, so without further ado let us see what exactly they taste like?


They say: Honeyed tobacco

I say: Exactly like they say, a blonde tobacco drenched in honey with a nice rasp to boot.


They say: Rum, pineapple, lime, strawberries and cream

I say: Caribbean cream tea, all that’s missing are crumpets, a cuppa and the conch.


They say: Bergamot, lime, violets and rum

I say: It smells like good scotch whisky upon opening the bottle??? But on vaping… notes of bergamot, sweet violets and greengrass are to be enjoyed, the lime seems to float between the bergamot and violets while the rum seems to fade into the background.


They say: Toast, butter, red fruits and donuts

I say: Yes to all of the above… but to me there is a slight hint of toasted flakes of almonds on top, which means the red fruit is probably cherries : )

All 6mg/ml liquids 60VG/40PG enjoyed in a rayon wicked magma at 1.6ohm firing on a coolfire 4 between 20 and 25 watts.

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Rating: Frida Kahlo –

Ministry of Vap – Liquideo.



They say: Lemons, Strawberries and Violets.

I say: The flavour straddles a tightrope between all three, although the strawberry leads slightly followed closely by the lemon with the violet coming to the fore towards the end only to finish on the exhale with a grassy aftertaste. A most curious mix.

Tinker Hell:

They say: Peaches, Vanilla custard and Coconuts.

I say: Peaches are meant to be sweet and… tangy or maybe the coconut is just a little too overpowering? I liked it… but loving it, another matter entirely.


They say: Strawberries, Cucumbers, mint and citrus

I say: Mint and Cucumber on the inhale with a lighter Strawberry and Citrus finish. Superb summer vaping, a great combination… : )

Miss Money:

They say: Raisins, mango and marshmallow

I say: Raisins on the inhale followed by Mango all wrapped up in a marshmallow duvet. Another very unusual vape.


They say: Minty menthol

I say: Mmmmmmmmmore!


They say: Anise, Cinnamon, Absinthe and Cream

I say: Christmas in your dripper. Whenever, wherever… : )


They say: Fruit, freshness and boom?

I say: Nope… the menthol/koolada muddles up any discernable fruit flavour and the boom should be boomier.


They say: Tartine (sourdough), butter and strawberry jam.

I say: It tastes exactly like the description… instant childhood… : )


They say: Red fruits, Blackberry, mint and eucalyptus

I say: Lovely melange of the above with no one note standing proud. Perfect for hot summer afternoon vaping, air conditioning for your palate.


They say: Cucumber, strawberries and cream

I say: Unlike the Albus this does not work for me, the cream and the cucumber combine to make something akin to a mild wheatgrass shot.


They say: Red fruits with a sweet caramel

I say: Nope.


They say: Raisin, red fruits, anise and eucalyptus

I say: It tastes of my dentists : (

A bit of a hit and miss affair here, sadly only a few flavours in this line faithfully reflect the quality and imagination that I normally associate with Liquideo.

All 0mg/ml juices (40VG/60PG) vaped in a 1.6 ohm japanese cotton wicked magma firing on a coolfire4 between 20 to 26 watts.

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Evolution by Liquideo.

liquideo evolution


They say: Blackberry, Blackcurrant and cream.

I say: An interesting attempt to provide an e liquid, with what are commonly regarded by vapers and DIY enthusiasts as… difficult flavours. Personally and again it’s a minor quibble, I would have preferred a slightly tarter juice with a little less sugar.


They say: Raisin, Anise, red fruits with both Menthol and Eucalyptus.

I say: It tastes like fillet of bubblegum, not the hard sugary outside. Specifically those little white (golf) balls that were sold loose by sweetshops. Balanced flavours mean that none of the Menthol, Eucalyptus or Anise notes overpower the fruit. This one grows on you.

Pti Dej:

They say: Beignet, orange and coffee.

I say: Breakfast juice, with an orange marmalade inhale followed by a lovely light coffee and sweet choux pastry background on the exhale. I loved it and you will too.

Coffee Buck:

They say: Coffee with Chocolate.

I say: Meh…caccino rather than Mochaccino, neither the coffee nor the chocolate are quite strong enough.


They say: All the citrus none of the pips.

I say: Great citrus cocktail with plenty of pith. As good if not better than Drops orange experience. Not for those of you with plastic or polycarbonate tanks.

All 5mg/ml juices (60VG/40PG) enjoyed in a 1.6 ohm japanese cotton wicked magma firing on a cana between 20 to 26 watts.

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Rating: an early Fernand Leger –

A small selection from Liquideo


Once again my good friend and fellow vaper Jose has gifted me an interesting selection of Liquideo’s liquids, so let’s see what else this French company has to offer?

Bestseller Range: 5 mg/ml 60vg/40pg

Limited – Apricot Pie: More jam than pie, but good all the same.

Limited – Pink Mamba: Cheeky Raspberries soused in Pernod, brilliantly bizarre.

Limited – Bloodie Fruti: Mixed red berry compote with MENTHOL! Slightly lighter than Antarctica by Thenancara, good summer vaping with just enough throat rasp and a hint of candy : )

Limited – Blue Alien: Blueberries, Curacao and menthol = smells like Banana? A most unusual flavour… try before you buy and beware of the room note.

Classic Range: 0mg/ml : ( 70pg/30vg

Lili-Chi – almost perfumed sweet Lychee, only missing that lip puckering dryness you normally encounter with this fruit. Perfect Day by Vaponaute’s baby sister.

Pinako – If you like Pina Colada’s… avoid this juice.

Jamal – Turkish, Burley and Virginia in that order, think light blue Drum rolling tobacco.

All liquids enjoyed in a 1.6 ohm rayon wicked magma firing at 20.7 watts.

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Rating: An unsigned Fernand Leger.