Big Bang juice.


Made in France by a company called Kapalina, they also make a fruity lemonade flavoured juice that I have yet to try.

Doo Peach:

They say: A max vg peach donut.

I say: I have never eaten a peach donut, like many Europeans I have enjoyed them separately, the way God/ Buddha / Mithras / Zeus (delete where applicable) intended.

Nothing too fancy here, the peach is a thin dry peach that I associate with peach schnapps followed by a lovely jammy apricot centre and a hint of citrus adding a tartness across the palate. Not enough doughnut sadly, indeed the juice feels slightly unfinished almost stopping dead on the exhale.

It really only shines when you turn up the watts and tasted best in a dripper rather than a lemo2 or the AIO with the .6 ohm coils. I tried it with the .5 ohm cubis coils in the AIO and found it wicked well but the flavour was very muted : (

Doo peach 6mg/ml max VG was most enjoyable in a .9 ohm fibre freaks wicked magma firing on an rx200 at 33.2w.

For more information and a list of stockists of this flavour check out  or better still beg, borrow or steal some Lushington by Stash.

N.B – this juice is only available in 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml.

Rating: more Sheldon than Leonard.


Predator 2

No… not the urban sequel to Arnie’s adventures with aliens in the jungle, but rather another quick review of the last three flavours from the new (ish) Fenrir line made by the Bombies team.


Real strawberry with a ripe n’ mushy slightly faux banana and I suspect one or two other hidden ingredients to smooth out the mix, very nice indeed… albeit with occasional hints of marzipan. Great room note.


Very similar to Goldfish flakes with a fruity lemon cupcake / muffin finish rather than the traditional fruit loops cereal finish. Not really my thing but it is very well done.


A lovely soft sweet and creamy melon vape with a subtle sinus tickling tang on the exhale… I must confess however that I am still in love with over the rainbow by Vaponaute. Nevertheless this is a well made juice that I look forward to sampling again during the long hot summer months. Another juice with a great room note.

In summary a deceptively simple line with an ADV for everyone, my only complaints:

1 – The dropper nozzles are too big, as a result my tanks are difficult to fill without e liquid dripping everywhere.

2 – Hurry up and bring out the new flavours please.

All max vg 6mg/ml juices enjoyed in a 1 ohm fibre freaks wicked lemo 2 on top of a cana firing between 15 and 22 watts.

Customer focused with a minimum of hyperbole and able to accommodate vaper’s worldwide, find out more here:

Rating: Kazimir Malevich –

Goldfish sauce

A new UK company with a charitable nature…

Monkey business:

They say: Banana, nuts and ry4

I say: It is stronger than ‘nanner bear (Grizzly vapes) but not quite as pronounced as Ishmael (The Chosen Few). The creamy candy banana leads followed by a walnutty aftertaste with a faint tobacco burbling under a caramel/brown sugar finale. It’s curiously dry… so try this with coffee or plenty of water.

Goldfish Flakes

They say: American cereal

I say: This juice looks like it was made using actual goldfish that perished due to a diet of Cheetos and Irn bru, it is more orange than an orange. Yet it tastes of lemon and toffee at first and then opens up into a fruit loop cereal style vape. All day breakfast in your dripper.

Fruit smasher

They say: Mixed fruit and berries

I say: It tastes like watermelon with real strawberries to me but in the past I have found it difficult to separate dragon fruit from such flavours so there may be dragons involved? This is very tasty indeed, perfect for summer.

All 3mg/ml juices (80VG/20PG) enjoyed in a fibre freaks wicked 1 ohm magma firing between 17 and 25 watts.

For more information and not

Rating: David Miller –

Cherry Blossom – Vaponaute


They say:

Pistachio biscotti, morello cherries in kirsch, raspberry, almond cream, banana and violets.

I say:

The cherry is realistic with just enough sourness and no cough medicine aftershock, the biscuit and the almonds come close behind the initial fruit barrage. Then as the liquid warmed up I began to taste more pistachio, it’s almost chewy in the middle. I get hints of raspberry and violet but only hints until you apply more power and I simply cannot taste the banana, although I suspect they may be using it to smooth out the exhale?

This reminds me of both Selene (Thenancara) and Ispahan (Green Vapes), however Cherry Blossom is juicier by far…

Warning: may cause drooling.

All juice (60VG/40PG) enjoyed in a fibre freaks wicked, 1.5 ohm magma firing between 15 and 25 watts on a cana.

Another triumph of art, science and passion from Vaponaute.

Liquideo by Kenzo.



They say: a mix of RY4, peanut butter and Courmarin pipe tobacco

I say: Like an ry4 made from a heavier dark tobacco, plenty of caramel and ginger notes with a serious throat hit.


They say: toast with butter and strawberry jam

I say: a good breakfast vape… if a little sweet. Similar to Mutan from the Ministry of Vap line.


They say: Red fruits with anis, eucalyptus and raisins.

I say: Similar to Belace from the Ministry of Vap line which reminded me of my dentist’s mouthrinse


They say: crème de menthe, tea, coconut and cactus

I say: The best of the bunch, a good smooth crème de menthe with a hint of tea in the background, the cactus is there as well but I cannot taste the coconut.

I expected more from a collaboration between Kenzo Takada and Liquideo.

All 6mg/ml eliquids (50VG/50PG) vaped in a magma at 1.3ohms on a cana firing at 20 watts.

For more information please click:



Find out why there is so much love for this little company all over Europe.

Orange nimbus:

They say: A pleasantly smooth breakfast orange with a natural and crisp mango tone.

I say: Underselling this and using a refreshing lack of hyperbole, it is a great all day juice with hints of butterscotch, mango and sweet rather than tangy orange, not my usual style of eliquid but I loved it.

Grahams custard:

They say: A delightfully thick and creamy custard with a beautiful body of Golden Graham’s! This cereal based vape is best paired with a cup of coffee.

I say: Good cinnamon custard but I get a mild aftertaste of garam masala. Will leave it to steep/ age / cure a little more and try it again.

Strawberry milk:

They say: A smooth and creamy milkshake blend with a strawberry body. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

I say: To me it tastes like a mix between some unidentifiable American breakfast cereal and strawberry milk / ice cream. A sweet full bodied faux strawberry that is all too moreish…it feels thick in your mouth and leaves a lovely room note. My favourite strawberry vape… to date.

ecr_eu juice:

They say: Designed by /u/maniacpsycho of the /r/ecr_eu community, the competition win for Reddit’s birthday! A candy like raspberry with a pomegranate and passion fruit undertone.

I say: Ranging from sweet to a lip puckering sour, this juice may or may not contain reconstituted Smurfs? At times sherberty and other times dry this is a versatile liquid that never gets old. A contender for best new European eliquid of 2015.

All 3mg/ml eliquids (70VG/30VG) enjoyed in fibre freak filled lemo 2 on 1.1ohm kanthal coils on a cana firing at 22.2 watts.

Check out for more information.

Rating: Jack Vettriano –

A bard in the garden – a tobevaping Thanksgiving tale

It was late on Thanksgiving when the 18 wheeler finally rolled to a stop in Emerald city, Oregon.“That’s it son”, drawled my driver, companion and fellow vaper since Anchorage, “I gotta’ meet my girl and her kin for eats and I ain’t sure if I can bring you too”.
After several thousand miles of some of the worst roads on the continent, I was ready for a real bed and a meal that did not involve beans or franks so I shook the Truckers hand and gave him my last bottle of Van Dykes Black Ninja as a thank you on Thanksgiving.
I then spent the rest of the evening trudging from hotel to motel around town, sadly everywhere was closed and as my trusty Magma drained dry, night closed in and I began to worry.
My worries were drowned out by a man loudly singing Tales of Brave Ulysses in the garden of one of those gothic gingerbread houses that you see all over small town America. With nothing to lose, I joined him in song and as we finished he popped his head over the hedge and invited me inside,” Come fellow bard, you look cold and hungry and there are plenty of leftovers.”
After a hearty meal, the bards wife brought over a tray of clinking bottles and what looked like a mod made from an old locomotives steam whistle, “Do you vape?” asked the lovely lady, entranced by her beauty, I simply produced my trusty old Cana to roars of delighted laughter from my hosts. “These are all herbal e lixirs made with 100% natural flavours by a master herbalist”, said the Bard and named after myself and some of our friends he said enveloping the master herbalist in a big hug.
(All 50/50 PG/VG, 4mg/ml, e lixirs were vaped using Japanese cotton in a Magma at 1.7 ohms on a Cana firing 15 watts.)
First up came a liquid they called Fire and Powder – Cinnamon covered blood orange with hints of clove and vanilla in the background. The clove is softened by the vanilla but it comes forward the more you vape. It’s a soft seductive e lixir as good as POETS torte de arnica! Sublime : )
Then came An Honest Puck – Mandarin (more peel than fruit) gently enfolded in mint with vanilla and helichrysum. The citrus and mint are mild top notes with the vanilla mellowing out the slight bitterness of the curry plant (helichrysum). I also got hints of wheatgrass on the exhale. This is a vape that would go very well with a Pimms, a ban the bomb protest or even a meeting of the local coven of beekeepers.
Next was A Night in Messina – Lavender and vanilla embrace like lovers in a Klimt painting. This tastes like the best artisan gelato in the world, made by mad culinary scientists snorting Bunsen vapor. Unique or if not, only comparable to Thenancara’s Benedicte on the WTF scale. Another unforgettable vape : )
Followed by Kate’s Bliss – Chamomile / camomile / manzanilla with vanilla and rose, sadly the chamomile overpowers the vanilla and the rose floats just above them both. Again this is another vape that would go well with herbal tea, tie dying your volkswagen camper van or a flower filled summer of love. Personally I would prefer less chamomile and more rose and vanilla.
Finally we tried Tale of Fallen Kings – Earl grey, anise, vanilla, rooibos with allspice. Another mild vape that skilfully blends all of the aforementioned ingredients, without emphasis on any one in particular. A slight nose tickle here, but not enough to make you sneeze. This one is like a good herbal tea, for morning vaping in my humble opinion.
We finished the evening off with a large jar of barrel aged moonshine that tasted even better than Pappy Van Winkles finest and I slept like a log on mogadon. A special evening spent with good people and great vaping to boot, it was the best Thanksgiving ever.
For more information on herbal elixirs, please visit and enjoy 100% natural ingredients from savoury to sweet, there is something for all palates and rumour has it that they intend to release new flavours very shortly.