Big Bang juice.


Made in France by a company called Kapalina, they also make a fruity lemonade flavoured juice that I have yet to try.

Doo Peach:

They say: A max vg peach donut.

I say: I have never eaten a peach donut, like many Europeans I have enjoyed them separately, the way God/ Buddha / Mithras / Zeus (delete where applicable) intended.

Nothing too fancy here, the peach is a thin dry peach that I associate with peach schnapps followed by a lovely jammy apricot centre and a hint of citrus adding a tartness across the palate. Not enough doughnut sadly, indeed the juice feels slightly unfinished almost stopping dead on the exhale.

It really only shines when you turn up the watts and tasted best in a dripper rather than a lemo2 or the AIO with the .6 ohm coils. I tried it with the .5 ohm cubis coils in the AIO and found it wicked well but the flavour was very muted : (

Doo peach 6mg/ml max VG was most enjoyable in a .9 ohm fibre freaks wicked magma firing on an rx200 at 33.2w.

For more information and a list of stockists of this flavour check out  or better still beg, borrow or steal some Lushington by Stash.

N.B – this juice is only available in 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml.

Rating: more Sheldon than Leonard.


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