Hit the pipe

Premixed flavours from a French company that display astonishing similarities to another litigious US brand.

Long Castle:

It´s a sitting on the porch sippin’ type vape best with a bourbon/ dark rum and friends. It was originally recommended to me by the reclusive numbers magnate u/1865025r

Think heavily cased pipe tobacco using bourbon that brings out almonds, vanilla, coconut, molasses and even dark chocolate at times, it’s a heavy, swirling experience across your palate that is not for the faint hearted. Turn up the watts and aggressively inhale for something that tastes like a cigar.

I loved it at 10% after a good 3 weeks.


Apple pie with caramel, cream etc, we have seen a many iterations of this perennial delight over the years and I was looking forward to a good dessert.

Sadly as it turns out this apple pie was made by Stiffler´s mom rather than Nigella.

A lot of apple and what tastes like slightly turned baileys, its cream thin and anaemic, without enough pastry to ground the fruit or spice to intrigue.

8% if you must and leave it for at least a week… if not for eternity

All premixed concentrates were diluted using 6mg/ml Vapfip 80VG/20PG and sampled in a .8 ohm fibre freaks wicked lemo2 firing on a cana at 21.7w.

For more information on these flavours check out http://www.vaposeleccion.com/en/alchemy/flavours/hit-the-pipe-flavour-/


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