Nova Liquides


With Europe´s TPD deadline in May approaching, and the increasing interest in DIY, it seemed time to sample some of the premixed concentrates for eliquids.

If (like me) you read the online forums for DIY juice, one of the biggest problems is what we’ll call “flavour acquisition disorder or FAD” where DIY’ers are constantly adding just one or two more flavours to their collection in order to perfect their latest recipe. Many alchemists then find themselves confronted by an embarrassment of failed experiments, storage dilemmas and sadly in some extreme cases… abusive partners.

So if you don’t find fiddling for hours perfecting baked alaska version 37.2 or your homage to a Singapore sling in max VG enthralling, what options are currently available?

Quite a few as it turns out… but today we will simply focus on one.

Nova premixed flavours have a similar taste to some very litigious US brands, although they are manufactured by a French company.


A pina colada style concentrate consisting of pineapple, coconut and what feels like a hint of koolada / menthol. Very smooth, clean tasting and honestly one of the best iterations of this cocktail that I have tried to date, although the rum could be a little more pronounced. Normally they seem to have a plastic taste on the palate but this one rings true. A light and refreshing summer vape best enjoyed after 2 weeks using at 15%.

Mystic Menthol:

Brain freezing, sinus clearing liquid, good after a week, use at 15%.


A tragedy… chalky old easter egg chocolate that tastes vaguely of sour milk and disappointment after over a month of steeping / aging / curing.

In a word: Awful… but if aged chocolate is your thing, wait a week, use at 15%

Kringle’s curse:

A perfect candy cane mint style vape, good after a week, use at 15%..

Tiki juice:

An unholy mess of wintergreen and tobacco.

Avoid where possible, but if you must… give it a week, use at 15%

Empire state:

Ry4 with a potpourri of werthers originals and the smoking area in an old folks home.

Like vaping your granny´s tears at 15% after two weeks : (

All premixed concentrates were diluted using 6mg/ml Vapfip 80VG/20PG and sampled in a .7 ohm fibre freaks wicked lemo2 firing on a cana at 24.1w.

NB – These e-liquids do not contain any formaldehyde, paraben, sugar, oil, ambrox, gum or GMO.

For more information on these flavours and many, many more check out

Rating: James Franco –


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