Furiosa 2


A beautifully packaged new line from Paris, France.

Lava Drops:

They say: Fruits of the dragon, frosted orange and papaya juice.

I say: This unusual juice starts off with a lovely citrusy (blood?) orange dueling with a light papaya and a dragon fruit finish. I always have trouble identifying dragon fruit in e liquids as it tastes of watermelon to me. This gives a light airy and indeed almost wispy finish when combined with the frosted orange.

A perfect summer vape that would pair well with many mixed fruit juices and citrus and rum cocktails.

I look forward to tasting more from this new brand in the future.

This 6mg/ml, 90VG/10PG liquid without any diacetyl, propionyl, methanol, ambrox or paraben was enjoyed in a .74 ohm fibre freaks wicked lemo2 at 3.82v firing on an rx200 at 19.7w.

To find out more about this new liquid and more please click here: http://www.furiosa.co

Rating: Shari Erickson – http://islandstudio.com/artwork




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