Predator 2

No… not the urban sequel to Arnie’s adventures with aliens in the jungle, but rather another quick review of the last three flavours from the new (ish) Fenrir line made by the Bombies team.


Real strawberry with a ripe n’ mushy slightly faux banana and I suspect one or two other hidden ingredients to smooth out the mix, very nice indeed… albeit with occasional hints of marzipan. Great room note.


Very similar to Goldfish flakes with a fruity lemon cupcake / muffin finish rather than the traditional fruit loops cereal finish. Not really my thing but it is very well done.


A lovely soft sweet and creamy melon vape with a subtle sinus tickling tang on the exhale… I must confess however that I am still in love with over the rainbow by Vaponaute. Nevertheless this is a well made juice that I look forward to sampling again during the long hot summer months. Another juice with a great room note.

In summary a deceptively simple line with an ADV for everyone, my only complaints:

1 – The dropper nozzles are too big, as a result my tanks are difficult to fill without e liquid dripping everywhere.

2 – Hurry up and bring out the new flavours please.

All max vg 6mg/ml juices enjoyed in a 1 ohm fibre freaks wicked lemo 2 on top of a cana firing between 15 and 22 watts.

Customer focused with a minimum of hyperbole and able to accommodate vaper’s worldwide, find out more here:

Rating: Kazimir Malevich –


Predator – Fenrir


The latest offering from (OMG) Bombies, with a refreshing lack of hyperbole.
This line seems somewhat simpler than Bombies with each flavour consisting of less complex mixes, this is not to say that they are somehow diminished or poorer quality. Indeed the juice is very smooth and so clean you cannot taste any nicotine whatsoever : )
Described as strawberry milk, this is a strong natural strawberry with a milky background. Comparisons with Novavapes prize winning Strawberry milk are inevitable, yet this is fruit forward liquid with mild milky undertones unlike Nova’s fabulous faux strawberry cereal milkshake. I enjoy both of them equally and urge you to do the same.
Described as scotch, almond and vanilla, it is another smooth vape with just enough ethers from the scotch to set it apart from the myriad of vanilla nuttiness we encounter all too often. Bizarrely I found myself constantly awaiting the tobacco finish, which never came, but I did notice a very subtle coconut finish. It pairs very well with scotch (Tomatin) and irish (Redbreast) as well as a cheeky snifter of brandy (Duque de Alba).
Both max vg 6mg/ml juices enjoyed in a 1.3ohm fibre freaks wicked magma on top of a cana firing between 26 and 30 watts.
There are three more flavours in the Predator line that I hope to sample and review next week.
Have a look at their well thought out website here: