Liquideo by Kenzo.



They say: a mix of RY4, peanut butter and Courmarin pipe tobacco

I say: Like an ry4 made from a heavier dark tobacco, plenty of caramel and ginger notes with a serious throat hit.


They say: toast with butter and strawberry jam

I say: a good breakfast vape… if a little sweet. Similar to Mutan from the Ministry of Vap line.


They say: Red fruits with anis, eucalyptus and raisins.

I say: Similar to Belace from the Ministry of Vap line which reminded me of my dentist’s mouthrinse


They say: crème de menthe, tea, coconut and cactus

I say: The best of the bunch, a good smooth crème de menthe with a hint of tea in the background, the cactus is there as well but I cannot taste the coconut.

I expected more from a collaboration between Kenzo Takada and Liquideo.

All 6mg/ml eliquids (50VG/50PG) vaped in a magma at 1.3ohms on a cana firing at 20 watts.

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Find out why there is so much love for this little company all over Europe.

Orange nimbus:

They say: A pleasantly smooth breakfast orange with a natural and crisp mango tone.

I say: Underselling this and using a refreshing lack of hyperbole, it is a great all day juice with hints of butterscotch, mango and sweet rather than tangy orange, not my usual style of eliquid but I loved it.

Grahams custard:

They say: A delightfully thick and creamy custard with a beautiful body of Golden Graham’s! This cereal based vape is best paired with a cup of coffee.

I say: Good cinnamon custard but I get a mild aftertaste of garam masala. Will leave it to steep/ age / cure a little more and try it again.

Strawberry milk:

They say: A smooth and creamy milkshake blend with a strawberry body. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

I say: To me it tastes like a mix between some unidentifiable American breakfast cereal and strawberry milk / ice cream. A sweet full bodied faux strawberry that is all too moreish…it feels thick in your mouth and leaves a lovely room note. My favourite strawberry vape… to date.

ecr_eu juice:

They say: Designed by /u/maniacpsycho of the /r/ecr_eu community, the competition win for Reddit’s birthday! A candy like raspberry with a pomegranate and passion fruit undertone.

I say: Ranging from sweet to a lip puckering sour, this juice may or may not contain reconstituted Smurfs? At times sherberty and other times dry this is a versatile liquid that never gets old. A contender for best new European eliquid of 2015.

All 3mg/ml eliquids (70VG/30VG) enjoyed in fibre freak filled lemo 2 on 1.1ohm kanthal coils on a cana firing at 22.2 watts.

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Rating: Jack Vettriano –

Le French liquide

Le French liquid have released four new more complex juices and kindly sent me some samples to review. You may recall their outstanding Venin Divin and their very versatile Cactus flavours from past reviews.


They say: Lime, hibiscus and Grenadine coupled with some sparkling freshness.

I say: Delicious, like the unbranded sweets you occasionally encounter at the hotel reception desk, you can never be quite sure what flavour they are meant to be, but you´ll always put a few in your pocket for later ; )

Sacred Monster:

They say: Coconut, vanilla biscuit and banana flambee with a delicate coffee and spice background.

I say: Enjoy your own personal coffee klatsch every time you vape, superbly balanced flavours. As good as Night Flight by Vaponaute.

The Thing:

They say: Salted buttery caramel, roasted hazelnut and coffee finished off with vanilla and pecan nuts.

I say: Better than anything I have ever tasted from Starbucks, light coffee balanced by the vanilla and salty caramel nuttiness.


They say: A fluorescent yellow mix of tangy lemon and lime with a touch of ripe melon.

I say: lemon and lime on the inhale with a lovely long melon finish on the exhale. Great throat hit but I have yet to try it under a black light to see if it really glows? NB the glow is a result of thiamine or one of the other complex b vitamins.

Le French liquid have really upped their game here and produced some note perfect juices, to find out more please click here:

All 3mg/ml liquids (50VG/50PG) enjoyed in a fibre freaks wicked magma at 1 ohm on a coolfire 4 firing between 16 and 27 watts.

Rating: Degas –

Shake it easy by Liquideo


Liquideo’s unique collection of milkshakes ready to vape, adds yet another constellation in their galaxy of e liquids.


They say: All the pleasure of chocolate without the calories.

I say: Like the last bit of milkshake that gurgles noisily through a straw drawing attention to poor table manners. More chocolate milk than milkshake but with a great room note.

Strawberry fix:

They say: Like a strawberry frappe.

I say: Needs more milk / ice cream : (

Top Banana:

They say: A banana flavoured milkshake that will conquer you.

I say: A very ripe banana drowning in milk, I liked this one but it is very sweet, a dessert vape for me, it reminded me of Yellow Biafra by Halcyon haze.


They say: A titillating vanilla perfume.

I say: My favourite of the bunch, a great vanilla milkshake that is easily an all day vape for me. Very smooth with no nasty nicotine aftertaste.

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All 5mg/ml liquids (70VG/30PG) enjoyed in a fibre freaks wicked magma at 1 ohm on a cana firing between 19 and 30 watts.