Liquideo… like the known universe continues to expand to infinity and beyond with the new line “Stache Paris”, added to the already bewildering selection on offer from this French company. Stache is themed around such hirsute heroes as Dali, Selleck, Mercury and Chaplin, so without further ado let us see what exactly they taste like?


They say: Honeyed tobacco

I say: Exactly like they say, a blonde tobacco drenched in honey with a nice rasp to boot.


They say: Rum, pineapple, lime, strawberries and cream

I say: Caribbean cream tea, all that’s missing are crumpets, a cuppa and the conch.


They say: Bergamot, lime, violets and rum

I say: It smells like good scotch whisky upon opening the bottle??? But on vaping… notes of bergamot, sweet violets and greengrass are to be enjoyed, the lime seems to float between the bergamot and violets while the rum seems to fade into the background.


They say: Toast, butter, red fruits and donuts

I say: Yes to all of the above… but to me there is a slight hint of toasted flakes of almonds on top, which means the red fruit is probably cherries : )

All 6mg/ml liquids 60VG/40PG enjoyed in a rayon wicked magma at 1.6ohm firing on a coolfire 4 between 20 and 25 watts.

For more info on these and the rest of the e liquid spectrum please see

Rating: Frida Kahlo –


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