Ministry of Vap – Liquideo.



They say: Lemons, Strawberries and Violets.

I say: The flavour straddles a tightrope between all three, although the strawberry leads slightly followed closely by the lemon with the violet coming to the fore towards the end only to finish on the exhale with a grassy aftertaste. A most curious mix.

Tinker Hell:

They say: Peaches, Vanilla custard and Coconuts.

I say: Peaches are meant to be sweet and… tangy or maybe the coconut is just a little too overpowering? I liked it… but loving it, another matter entirely.


They say: Strawberries, Cucumbers, mint and citrus

I say: Mint and Cucumber on the inhale with a lighter Strawberry and Citrus finish. Superb summer vaping, a great combination… : )

Miss Money:

They say: Raisins, mango and marshmallow

I say: Raisins on the inhale followed by Mango all wrapped up in a marshmallow duvet. Another very unusual vape.


They say: Minty menthol

I say: Mmmmmmmmmore!


They say: Anise, Cinnamon, Absinthe and Cream

I say: Christmas in your dripper. Whenever, wherever… : )


They say: Fruit, freshness and boom?

I say: Nope… the menthol/koolada muddles up any discernable fruit flavour and the boom should be boomier.


They say: Tartine (sourdough), butter and strawberry jam.

I say: It tastes exactly like the description… instant childhood… : )


They say: Red fruits, Blackberry, mint and eucalyptus

I say: Lovely melange of the above with no one note standing proud. Perfect for hot summer afternoon vaping, air conditioning for your palate.


They say: Cucumber, strawberries and cream

I say: Unlike the Albus this does not work for me, the cream and the cucumber combine to make something akin to a mild wheatgrass shot.


They say: Red fruits with a sweet caramel

I say: Nope.


They say: Raisin, red fruits, anise and eucalyptus

I say: It tastes of my dentists : (

A bit of a hit and miss affair here, sadly only a few flavours in this line faithfully reflect the quality and imagination that I normally associate with Liquideo.

All 0mg/ml juices (40VG/60PG) vaped in a 1.6 ohm japanese cotton wicked magma firing on a coolfire4 between 20 to 26 watts.

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Green Vapes / Green Liquides


I had heard a lot of good reports regarding this French company and this week I finally got a chance to try some. The first thing I noticed was the 60PG/ 40VG mix, so expect a solid throat hit here ladies and gentlemen. Perfect e liquid for those vaper’s attempting to make the switch from tobacco.

Classique line – Lemon Cake:

Exactly what it says on the label a lemon curd type citrus with a lovely cakey finish (Madeleine’s).

Classique line – Sweet Skin:

A soft Peach here… without the sneaky schnapps. The soft Peach is then gently folded into vanilla and cream, to make a great dessert vape : )

Amethyst line – Ispahan:

Lychees, roses raspberries and custard combine to make something similar to Vaponaute’s Perfect Day. I also note pistachios and biscuits combining to produce an almost chewy cookie on the palate, an unusual tasty treat from time to time.

Classique line – Holy Ice:

Cold sweet (slightly mentholated) mint like Wrigley’s white chewing gum with ‘roid rage!
Plainly and simply delicious.

Classique line – Coco Paradise:

Red not blue Bounty bars in your dripper. The slightly darker than normal chocolate makes this taste of paradise to me. Please form an orderly line and wait your turn… thank you.

Classique line – Devils juice:

Somewhat similar to Northern Lights by Halcyon Haze, sweet blackcurrants and grapes coupled with menthol and a little anise, at times it felt like red liquorice only to morph into something closer to black… but to my great relief never quite making it. A must for all you lush liquorice lovers .

Classique line – Raspberry:

Smells great, but tastes too sweet and lacks enough sourness to be a realistic raspberry, my quest continues…

All 6mg/ml liquids 60PG/40VG enjoyed in a rayon wicked 1.6ohm magma firing at 25 watts on a coolfire4.

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Rating: a late Francois Boucher

Les Grands – Vincent dans les Vapes


Like flavourlab, the chosen few and tobevaping, VDLV have created an entire line made from all natural ingredients called Les Grands.

A great idea… as certain US manufacturers have recently discovered to their chagrin that more and more vapers are concerned about their health and want absolute clarity when it comes to e liquid ingredients.

So what do they taste like….

Rio Grande:

They say: Orange, red fruits and Menthol.

I say: Almost verging on the horror that is toothpaste with OJ, this e liquid skilfully skirts the danger zone. The end result is something that tastes more like blood oranges with wisps of cooling menthol at the end. Rio grande is a very moreish albeit unusual juice, perfect for vaping during those long hot August afternoons.

Grand Raid:

They say: Red fruits, Lemons and Menthol.

I say: The lemon smoothes out the red fruits and menthol, leaving you with what can only be described as an evening with Gins Addiction´s eccentric French cousin, I also taste something nutty in the mix. This would be more of an enjoyable after dinner vape for me.

Grande Evasion:

They say: Coconut biscuits, Pomengranates and Peaches

I say: I did not like this at first, there seemed to be a plastic note (perhaps the coconut?) on the exhale. After 24 hrs of leaving the bottle open it blossomed into an almost fizzy dark Peach with a slight coconut finish. The Pomengranate serves as a pedestal for the Peach : )

Grand Manitou:

They say: Puff pastry, Banana Flambee and Mangos.

I say: If that famous American philosopher Homer J Simpson vaped, he would have a tank full of this at his side… day and night. A sweet, sticky sensation!

Some very interesting mixes and imagination on display here ladies and gentlemen, I look forward to trying more from Vincent dans les Vapes:

All 3mg/ml e liquids 50VG/50PG enjoyed in a 1.6 ohm Japanese cotton wicked magma on top of a coolfire4 firing between 20 and 25 watts.

Rating: Terre des ours –

Evolution by Liquideo.

liquideo evolution


They say: Blackberry, Blackcurrant and cream.

I say: An interesting attempt to provide an e liquid, with what are commonly regarded by vapers and DIY enthusiasts as… difficult flavours. Personally and again it’s a minor quibble, I would have preferred a slightly tarter juice with a little less sugar.


They say: Raisin, Anise, red fruits with both Menthol and Eucalyptus.

I say: It tastes like fillet of bubblegum, not the hard sugary outside. Specifically those little white (golf) balls that were sold loose by sweetshops. Balanced flavours mean that none of the Menthol, Eucalyptus or Anise notes overpower the fruit. This one grows on you.

Pti Dej:

They say: Beignet, orange and coffee.

I say: Breakfast juice, with an orange marmalade inhale followed by a lovely light coffee and sweet choux pastry background on the exhale. I loved it and you will too.

Coffee Buck:

They say: Coffee with Chocolate.

I say: Meh…caccino rather than Mochaccino, neither the coffee nor the chocolate are quite strong enough.


They say: All the citrus none of the pips.

I say: Great citrus cocktail with plenty of pith. As good if not better than Drops orange experience. Not for those of you with plastic or polycarbonate tanks.

All 5mg/ml juices (60VG/40PG) enjoyed in a 1.6 ohm japanese cotton wicked magma firing on a cana between 20 to 26 watts.

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Rating: an early Fernand Leger –