In a stroke of frankly unbelievable good fortune I managed to win a competition sponsored by the infamous, UK based, pluming philanthropists at Vapourdepot most recently. I wanted to share my winnings or rather thoughts… about the two e liquids that they very kindly sent me, along with a Lemo2 and a Coolfire IV.

Cookie Dough – 70VG/30PG 3mg/ml:

Lost somewhere between cookie dough, cake batter and ice cream, this SWEET and slightly salty e liquid is guaranteed to unleash your inner googly eyed blue monster. The only thing missing is the fountain of crumbs and a large yellow bird just off camera, frantically trying to muscle in, on all that gratuitous snacking action…

After Eight – 70VG/30PG 6mg/ml:

Concise yet not quite correct!

Granted it does contain chocolate and mint but not like those dark and delectable wafers of lore, this juice is more akin to another classic… the oft lamented mint Aero.

Milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate means that although it is delicious it simply cannot be called After Eight… gentlemen.

Both juices enjoyed in a Lemo2 wicked with Japanese cotton firing at .58 ohms on a Coolfire IV between 25 to 30 watts.

The Lemo2 is better than its predecessor with slightly more airflow and that handy (albeit narrow) refill port on the top of the tank.

The Coolfire IV fires up to 40 watts, reads coils with great accuracy and lasts me the best part of the day. It also features an on or off switch on the bottom to prevent any nasty accidents while sleeping. It is considerably smaller and lighter than my trusty old Cana and is now an important part of my daily rotation. It does topple over when placed on my couch though : (

Discover more about these pluming philanthropists here: use the code ECR25 to take advantage of their latest sale on Vapourdepot e liquids : )

Rating: Tony Hart –


Brrr… Le French Liquid


Well… it seems that somebody out there likes my reviews as I recently received a small package with 3 e liquids from Le French liquid called the “Brrr” line, redeveloped especially for those long hot summer months, so without further ado…

Citron / Lemon

I have said it before and I will say it again… eerily similar to Rips lemongrass and Lime, think Schweppes bitter lemon, this time, on the rocks… in your dripper.


Visions of Carlos Castaneda in my head… I approached this liquid with a certain amount of trepidation, would this be a good trip or a bad one? Lost somewhere between cucumber and agave, this almost savoury, cool, green vape is perfect for summer and seems to match with almost everything. Embrace your inner shaman.

The Peche / Peach tea

Exactly what it says… personally and it’s a minor quibble, I would have preferred even more peach and just a little less tea, there also seems to be a good koolada finish. N.B. – it tastes better after a good airing say 48 / 72 hours.

All 0mg/ml : ( juices 70VG/30PG enjoyed in a Japanese cotton wicked magma firing at 1.6ohms on a coolfire 4 between 20 and 25 watts.

Le French liquids are available here

Rating: Rothko

Le French liquid


From the same people that brought you Secrets d’ Apothicaire comes a line of liquids that remind us of the simple pleasures in life.

Citron / Lemon

Eerily similar to Rips lemongrass and Lime, think Schweppes bitter lemon in your dripper.

Fraise des Bois / Woodland Strawberries

Strawberry, more candy than fruit but good all the same.

Vader Jador / I adore Vader

For Sithlords and Ladies… a raisiny tobacco with a vague hint of cognac and a lovely raspy finish.

Blond Classique / Classic blonde

Mild tobacco with a vanilla aftertaste

Menthe Marocaine / Moroccan Mint

Good clean spearmint

Noisette Grillee / Roasted Hazelnuts

Roasted hazelnuts with what tastes like a few stray peanuts in the mix.

Menthe Glaciale / Glacial Mint

A Brain freezing mint with a metric tonne of menthol.

All 7mg/ml juices 70VG/30PG enjoyed in a rayon wicked magma firing at 1.6ohms on a cana between 20 and 25 watts.

Le French liquids are available here

Rating: an earlier Rothko

Secrets d’ Apothicaire

divine venom header

The Apothecary’s secrets are the latest e liquids to be released from Le French liquid or Lips France.

Venin divin / Divine venom.

They say: a delicate green and floral composition with hibiscus & green tea top notes with Guadaloupe pineapples at the centre and coupled with an absinthe and menthol/ koolada finish.

I say: Superb.

Philtre precieux / Precious philtre.

They say: Barbados cherries (Acerola), grapes, pears, coconut and bourbon vanilla.

I say: Like that bottle of unpronounceable liqueur that you brought home from your holidays.

Souffle du Dragon / Dragon’s breath.

They say: Red berries with a blackcurrant top note finished with a large sprig of mint.

I say: Smaug’s mouthwash; MINTY! (fruit) madness

Esprit Volatile / Evanescent spirit.

They say: A tribute to the Caribbean islands with mango, passion fruit, pineapple finished off with some berries and mint.

I say: Tropical toothpaste.

Sirop philosophique / philosophical syrup.

They say: A base of amber tobacco, sprinkled with cinnamon and cocoa beans topped off with some cherries and blueberries.

I say: More Dessert than Camel.

Potion des 4 voleurs / 4 thieves’ potion.

They say: Honeyed tobacco with bananas and some secret ingredients…

I say: Light banana, heavy on the honey with a raspy tobacco finish : )

All 50VG/50PG liquids (6mg/ml) enjoyed in a rayon wicked magma firing at 25.5 watts on top of a cana.

Find out more about these interesting liquids here

Rating: an early Rothko