A fuu more…


Stay cool during the long hot summer months with some great e liquid and cocktail combinations : )

Rediz Dead:

Imagine strawberries picked straight from your garden, pureed with a dusting of icing sugar to balance out the little green ones in the mix. Then add a sprig of mint and a chiffonade of basil. Bonkers but brilliant. Make a large pitcher of http://www.bhg.com/recipe/drinks/strawberry-sangria/ and invite someone special over.

Atlas Nana:

Sweet mint tea, straight from the souk. The only thing missing is the outrageously priced, one of a kind Kilim, hand woven by blind Berber beauties. Try it with: http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/moroccan-almond-pastry-mhancha You can Shukran me later!

Juicy Lagoon:

Gentle pineapple coupled with muddled melon, fresh peaches and probably some slivers of something else from Paradise Island. Smooth rather than overly tangy. Ideal day or evening vaping, both on and off the beach… try it with some hot limbo action and an icy cold: http://www.marthastewart.com/341196/pineapple-rum-cocktail NB – budgie smugglers are optional.

Lone Cowboy:

Light tobacco with a delightful vanilla caramel, coupled with a coconut kiss, mild but with a very satisfying rasp. If Into the Wild (Vaponaute) and Navy Cut (MrsLords) had progeny it would be exactly like this liquid. Treat yourself to an evening with a lone cowboy and other Americana such as this classic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_%28cocktail%29

Sunset Drive:

Fresh clean mint followed by watermelon and a long cucumber finish with a mysterious peppery floral base note, almost savoury and once again this juice would make a great partner to a cheeky gin and tonic. Like Under the Sea’s (Vaponaute) bookish younger brother. Try it with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQw5uqyOh_Y on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice, Cote d’Azur or on your couch whilst watching Wimbledon.

In summary, Fuu are making some very interesting juices and this gourmand looks forward to trying more from them in the future, however the choice of 0, 8 and 16mg/ml is frustrating as the majority of companies work around the 0, 3, 6, 12 mg/ml etc.

All 8mg/ml liquids 40VG/60PG enjoyed in a Japanese cotton wicked 1.6 ohm coil in a magma on a cana firing at 24 watts.

Find out more about these liquids made with love in France by visiting http://www.thefuu.com there is something of interest for all vaping enthusiasts.

Rating: Yet again… an original Gustave Caillebotte: http://www.gustavcaillebotte.org/




Once again we find ourselves in France, with another small selection from the e liquid alchemists at FUU.

The Arcane line 40VG/60PG 4mg/mg

Great dark chocolate with a milk chocolate swirl followed by hints of Turkish delight and Strawberry (not unlike the strawberry yoghurt filled Milka chocolate bars). This juice is a grower not a shower, it took 3 drippers before I really took to this juice and I then proceeded to demolish it within 48 hours. A great chocolate vape.

Exerting all the power of the aforementioned desert entity this is a beguiling eliquid that entrances your palate. There is a faint hint of medicine here or Honey and Lemon Strepsils? Ginger, Lemon curd, a zesty Lime, Honey and Orange flower water all combine to create a glorious vape.

Lady G:
Bergamot and lime first followed by a lovely long earl grey tea finish, almost savoury but not quite. A very nice but somewhat serious vape, with a great room note. Not something that I would normally vape but very tasty all the same, one for the tea lovers : )

Fuug Life line 80VG/20PG 3 mg/ml

Low Rider:
Specially formulated for drippers this juice is a most unusual vape. A mix of Lime and Blackcurrant with a hint of koolada and I suspect some hidden terpenes (Mango) and Pineapple? It was my neighbour (an artistic type) who after just one sample pronounced it to be exactly like Sour Diesel. A very unusual juice especially for the you midnight toker’s out there. Finally it comes in a 50ml squeezy bottle with a great needle nosed dropper.

If only all liquids came in these practical 50 ml bottles.

All liquids enjoyed in a Japanese cotton wicked 1.6 ohm coil in a magma on a cana firing at 24 watts.

Check out the arcane and fuug life lines here http://www.thefuu.com you will not be disappointed.

Rating: Again an original Gustave Caillebotte: http://www.gustavcaillebotte.org/




a) A band of rogue e liquid alchemists running rampant?
b) Moonlighting chemists engaging in an amusing hobby?
c) French juice made with love?

I can confirm that there are elements of all three.

The Vaporean Line – 60VG/ 40PG at 4mg/ ml


Raspberries noisily bathing in a Eucalyptus stew with what feels like a few errant Raspberry leaves to add some roughage to your vaping diet. Not quite so delicate as Brasberry mint (DBLiquids), not as cold as Antarctica (Thenancara) and not as fruity as Bloodie Fruiti (Liquideo) but great summer vaping all the same. Deliciously refreshing.


Pistachio and vanilla, it’s nuts but it works. This one takes a while to get used too but the room note and the toasted nutty aftertaste are good. Not an all day vape by any means, heavier than a gelato but thankfully not as sweet as ice cream. One for the closet squirrels out there, but do remember to drink plenty of water with this one.


Chocolate, peanuts and caramel, sounds familiar but can they pull it off? Darker chocolate here, not as dark as Ruby (DBLiquids) nor (Halo’s) Belgian chocolate debauchery but close, perhaps softened by the caramel? Peanuts are good too but there is something else lurking underneath the surface, a little milk chocolate perhaps? An all day vape for chocoholics, but more of an after dinner or evening vape for me… Snundies rather than Snickers.


Amber tobacco, vintage cognac and bourbon. Quite the gourmands delight. The tobacco is mild but just enough, personally I prefer a bit more rasp in my snout. The cognac and bourbon smooth this out and I remain convinced that there is a hint of coconut in this juice, but not as strong as Mrs Lords Navy cut. Bizarrely, there is also a nice aftertaste of chocolatey raisins.


Mint chocolate, this is a milk chocolate, good milk chocolate with a strong sweet mint makes for a great after dinner or evening vape. Sadly I must confess that I would love it more if it had darker chocolate.

All liquids enjoyed in a Japanese cotton wicked 1.6 ohm coil in a magma on a cana firing at 24 watts.

For further information on these fabulous French e liquids that all end in an a… please visit: http://www.thefuu.com , I remain intrigued and intend to try more from Fuu very soon.

Rating: An original Gustave Caillebotte: http://www.gustavcaillebotte.org/

The Chosen few.

“Dearest Ophelia, let me count the ways in which you tantalize my tongue, is it thy juicy wet kisses laden with ripe black currant’s or the feel of thy firm white grapes coupled with thy mysteriously fruity menthol exhale, that beguiles me so?”

“Perchance ‘tis the faintest scent of thy cucumber and pomelo perfume… bubbling through my senses?”

“Forsooth I truly do not know, yet thy ethereal nature satisfies my cravings, my needs… my desires.”

“Lovely Lilith… you brazen hussy, thy dusky berries perched upon such plums… play upon my palate, I can but swoon under thy insatiable creamy caresses, for thine are anything but plain vanilla.”

“I must confess you have tickled my fancy and my nose, I am lost forever in thy autumnal embrace.”

Gabriella my love, I am in awe as thy strawberries stand proud, wanton in their lush fecundity, bursting with flavour. Their only adornments… a dark cream, that feels of velvet to the touch.”

“Thou art a fitting tribute to summer sunshine and those love misted evenings…”

“Why must I be forced to choose?”


“What is this I see before me…?”

… Enter Ismael… stage right

“Ismael? “

“Ismael… is that you, old friend?”

“What brings you here?”

“Cans’t thou not observe that I am besotted with these three buxom Bulgarian Beauties?”

“No wait… Ophelia… Gabriella… and you too Lilith?… do not desert me, o’er craven Ishmael with his creamy banana and caramelized nuts.”

“ ‘Tis most unseemly to depart with such haste, fair maidens.”

“Damn you Ishmael, you sly seductive bakers boy!”

… Exit slowly… weeping…


All (6mg/ml) elixirs (70VG/30PG) vaped in a magma firing a 1.6 ohm coil wicked with cotton from the orient on ye olde trusty cana between 15 and 24 watts.

Sally upon ye interwebbes at http://www.thechosenfew.eu , whereforth the cipher REDDIT5 doth permit even stingy misers to enjoy most splendide vapes.

Rating: A signed Vladimir Dimitrov http://infomreja.bg/svetyt-v-kartinite-na-majstora-7897.html