Drops reign in Spain

Set the mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R4ZiXlWig8

Madrid had been a madhouse, the latest royal scandal was all that anyone could talk about, Barcelona had been all work, no play and to make matters worse, everyone was speaking Catalan ostentatiously, in a continuing protest at the Spanish govt’s constitutional blocking of a referendum on regional independence.

I was a mess quite frankly and resolved to take a long weekend on the coast to calm my nervous disposition. I was almost out of e liquid and was forced to use Google maps to get myself sorted. I quickly located the nearest B&M, several streets away and charged off without even checking their website to see what they stocked.

When I arrived it was full of unknown liquids that managed to look both radioactive and viral at the same time. There was a follically challenged young man finishing up some business with the owner of the store who picked up upon my obvious discomfort and offered to let me try some of his company´s new juices.

Being at a loose end, liking the look of this fellow… not to mention the fact that my vape was now running on fumes settled it for me. So we grabbed a taxi and headed for a small restaurant on the coast suggested by my new friend Antonio, a discreet check of my phone revealed it had 4 stars, I sat back and relaxed admiring the scenery along the way.

We arrived and my guide spent several minutes with the waiter before he turned his attention to me … “You simply must try these liquids Senor” said Antonio, “here in Spain we are fortunate to enjoy everything under the sun, the best wines, the freshest foods, an incredible climate and some of the world´s finest e liquids.”

He had neglected to mention the afternoon siesta’s, vino tinto, the ferociously arrogant yet beautiful women and the Jamon, the melt in your mouth Jamon Serrano… but I would never admit these things in public, some things are just never said in polite company.

FYI – http://www.jamon.com/serrano.html

Antonio explained the care and attention to detail that went into the creation of each of their liquids but I confess my attention was drawn by the stunning view of the azure Mediterranean that stretched out in front of me, after all, it was rather warm that day.

Noticing my gaze and perhaps reading my mind as well? Antonio simply bade me to sit down at an old stone table overlooking the cliffs. Without another word my generous new friend simply handed me a chilled glass of Manzanilla pasada, along with a tray upon which sat 6 pre-prepared Lemo´s of flavoured juice.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Sherry? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherry


But properly chilled Manzanilla pasada with some almonds and olives are the perfect way to cleanse your palate, stimulate your appetite and accompany a relaxing vape by the sea.

“Try these Señor” he said, “I do not think you will be disappointed” and raised his own glass in a toast.

Well, it would have been rude not to, and thank god I did… for what was to follow remains inscribed on my tastebuds ‘til this very day.

First up was a nutty vape, slightly harsh at first but it blossomed, as it opened up, a veritable squirrels delight with a good throat hit. A warm and inviting Hazelnut, neither too sweet nor too dry, almost like a Frangelico without the alcohol or a Nutella without the calorific chocolate. I may be mistaken but there was also a hint of tobacco flavour. I must confess this is not the type of liquid I would normally try but I enjoyed every last drop of that Hazelnut Punch.

I sampled some sherry, wrapped some almonds in jamon and marvelled as the hazelnut flavour still lingered in the mouth. A few olives and another cheeky swig of sherry finally cleansed my palate for the next tank.

I swapped over to a new tank filled with a darkish brown liquid and enjoyed a tobacco vape very similar to Mrs Lords Rough Shag. It was however slightly smoother on the tongue with a wispy coolness (Koolada?) at the end. For those of you unfamiliar with these two juices, it is a mild, mellow tobacco with an aftertaste of biscuity ginger, a hint of nuts and perhaps some caramel, like a good pipe tobacco.

My enjoyment of this American Luxury e liquid was interrupted by the arrival of the waiter bearing glasses of white wine and two small sizzling earthenware dishes of what looked like fish in a golden sauce.


“Eat, eat” urged Antonio as he swapped over another Lemo on my Cana, we toasted with our glasses of Albariño and tucked into some exquisite Hake and a most unusual orange, saffron and mint sauce. Antonio grinned at my moan of delight and said “try this e liquid with it.” So I did and it was a revelation.

It was an orange juice… but not your typical battery acid; this was a clever melange of Tangerine/Clementine with Sevillian and Valencian oranges on top. If you like fruity liquids of the citrus variety you simply must try this one. It does have a citrus tang but it is more of a tickle on the nose rather than the normal sinus stripping vapes that we have all suffered in the past.

I acted nonchalant and smiling, finished off that glorious glass of Galician goodness http://www.riasbaixaswines.com/about/what_albarino.php , puffing quietly on that liquid Spanish sunshine, “We call this Orange experience” said Antonio, “I understand why”, I replied laconically… determined to finish the tank before the next course. My attention was momentarily drawn to the arrival of our waiter who placed two small shot glasses of what looked like watermelon sorbet on the table. By the time I went to grab my trusty Cana, Antonio had somehow managed to swap out the tanks again.

Now I know, I know… sorbet after the fish, but Antonio knew what he was up to and had obviously had a quiet word with the staff. The sorbet was magnificent, fragrant with hints of lemon and jasmine

http://recetasderechupete.hola.com/sorbete-de-sandia-y-te-de-jazmin/6060/ .

This new juice was a rare treat. It was like the best menthol cigarette you have never tasted, hints of liquorice, jasmine, watermelon and a minted/ menthol tobacco. This was a complex juice, it´s whole was indisputably more than the sum of its parts. There may even have been a plum hidden away in there? The last time I had been so confounded by a juice was when tasting the Dragon Punch by Van Dykes or the Dragon Oil by Alfaliquids, so it may be that I am confusing Dragon fruit with the watermelon/ plum flavour?

I am sure there are more flavour notes that my poorly educated palate was missing but I simply did not care. This juice was another unique experience that would be a great ADV during the long hot summers in Spain or indeed anywhere else.

“What is this?” I asked my chuckling host Antonio, “Druids blessing” he replied as he crunched the last of the sorbet, “it is a very special juice that we formulated for the signature series, to date nobody has been able to identify all of the flavours involved in this cooling exercise in subtlety.”

He was sadly correct but just a little too smug for my liking, I made a mental reservation to ensure I would track down some more of this “Druids blessing” and get to the bottom of this mysterious elixir, even if it took me a lifetime.

Before I could conduct my own personal Spanish inquisition, the ubiquitous waiter appeared once again and served up a steaming platter of lamb with a heavenly waft of roasted garlic and some rice and vegetables on the side.

http://www.brendastuart.co.uk/Spain/Catalonia/Xai%20Rostit%20Amb%2012%20Cabe%C3%A7es%20d%27All.php .

Once again Antonio deftly swapped out another Lemo as I was busy sampling my glass of Somontano


Trying not to scowl at the premature removal of the last e liquid, I played it cool and puffed away on my vape as my glass was refilled by this excellent wine.

This was another version of the infamous RY4, a vanilla/ caramel juice with hints of tobacco, it was fine, perfectly vapable but nothing new or unusual here. It was however suspiciously smooth, like all of the previous juices, no nasty peppery nic in the backgound and it perfectly complimented that great garlicky lamb and the big Somontano red.

Not another word passed our lips as we both devoured our main courses in record time, our passage marked only by the scrape of the cutlery across rapidly emptying platters.

Leaning back and puffing contentedly on what Antonio called “Fausto´s deal” I could only marvel at my luck, a good meal, great juice and a kind a generous guide had turned a terrible end of a terrible week into nothing less than a triumph.

“Would you like dessert or a coffee?” Interrupted our waiter, “no thank you” we replied almost in unison, “I would like a copa” said Antonio. I agreed after all there is nothing better than a stiff drink to finish off a good meal. “Let us have a gin tonic, they make superb gin and tonics here Don Gourmand, will you join me?” asked Antonio.

Well, it would have been rude not to, so I agreed and the waiter bustled off to fetch the necessary ingredients.

It is quite the ceremony in Spain, not the humdrum ice and a slice system you find down your local boozer.

To understand exactly what I mean please click the link below and watch this young gentleman making a typical example of a Spanish gin and tonic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBafshkmOik

While our waiter got busy with all the accoutrements and filled two alarmingly large goldfish bowls with herbs, spices, the gin and of course the tonic Antonio presented me with the last Lemo, full to the brim with a transparent liquid with a greenish hue.

“Salut” said my host as we clinked our small reservoirs of gin tonic and carefully raised them to our lips, mmmm, it was good, very good even if they looked like the kind of cocktails normally found on all inclusive Caribbean cruises for devoted dipsomaniacs.

“Now Don Gourmand you simply must try Valkyries bounty, it is something very special and will compliment this gin and tonic perfectly.” Murmured Antonio.

Never one to miss out on a new experience, I set down my tureen of gin and took a few experimental puffs. It was a cool, mentholated, mint with touches of a white spirit, citrus, blackcurrant and perhaps cucumber? It would be ranked somewhere between Gins Addiction and Snake Oil with hints of Northern Lights but with more forest fruits underneath the huge brain freezing menthol. Definitely a warm weather vape for someone like me, although many might like it in winter too?

“Muy Bueno, Antonio” I said in between clouds, as my tongue danced under this cornucopia of mentholated flavours. Antonio smiled in delight and after taking a long sip of his gin tonic he looked over to the next table. Following his gaze, I tried not to gasp as my breath was taken away by two raven haired Señoritas.

“Good afternoon ladies, have you met my friend Don Gourmand?” asked Antonio with a wicked grin…………………………..

Drops e liquid are manufactured in Spain (or Barcelona in Catalonia, to be exact), using only the finest of European ingredients. While the PG/ VG percentage is not specified on each bottle, I am told it leans towards 70PG / 30VG although certain juices do consist of slightly altered ratios.

Not too much throat hit overall despite the high PG levels, excepting the Orange experience and Valkyries Bounty and almost suspiciously smooth on the palate with no peppery nicotine after taste in evidence. They were all enjoyably vaped in Lemo´s using rayon wicks firing on 1 Ohm at 17.5 watts.

For more information regarding their available flavours please see here:


For where to find them or taste them worldwide please see here: http://www.dropseliquids.com/index.php?s=findus

Prices per 30ml start at 12.00 Euros and in my opinion offer value for money.

Rating: an early unsigned pen and ink portrait by Picasso


The origins of vaping

Renowned Pyramid builders and inventors of emoticons the Egyptians believed that asthma could be treated using an apparatus for inhalation to ease restricted breathing… using such substances as frankincense, grapes and yellow ochre.

Dr Frankingrapes yellow ochre oil anyone?

A document, found in Thebes, (1862) translated into German, (1873) demonstrates their approach to medicine. The Ebers Papyrus, (c. 1550 BC) was a “divinely” inspired scroll that contained the wisdom of Thoth (Egyptian god of learning and patron of physicians).

“Thou shalt fetch seven stones and heat them by fire, thou shalt take one thereof and place a little of these remedies on it and cover it with a new vessel whose bottom is perforated, and place a stalk of reed in this hole; thou shalt put thy mouth to this stalk so that thou inhalest the vapour of it. Likewise with all stones.”
For more info on this technique and how it morphed into steam therapy followed by modern day inhalers, have a peek at the following link: http://www.achooallergy.com/history-allergies.asp

The Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Indians and Arabs all used similar techniques down through history; inhaling steam is recorded in the ancient baths of Rome and the Hammams as well as the pioneering work of Isa Bin Ali (910AD) using anaesthetic sponge techniques.

No doubt the keen scholars amongst you will be able to unearth further evidence to support other civilizations using comparable technology down through the ages. However for the sake of brevity let us skip the montage and jump to the 20th century.

In 1927 an American Joseph Robinson filed a patent for the first “Electric Vaporizer”. Here’s a sample paragraph from the original submission:

“My invention relates to vaporizing devices for holding medicinal compounds which are electrically heated to produce vapours for inhalation, and to provide a device for individual use which may be freely handled without any possibility of being burned.” – Joseph Robinson, May 3, 1927, New York.

The next patent was filed in 1963 by another American (´murica!) named Herbert A. Gilbert. An interview with Mr. Gilbert, states that it was obvious that inhaling burnt tobacco was bad. So he invented an alternative without any need for combustion.

Looking at Herb’s patent, it looks like the cig-a-likes that big Tobacco is anxious for us all to adopt… familiar concepts in his patent include flavour cartridges, heating elements, and smokeless flavoured vapour.
Herb pitched his idea to many different companies. Unsurprisingly these astute corporate gentlemen declined to manufacture until his patent expired.

Or that’s what he said… we will never know for sure, but it certainly is interesting how they all embraced the technology when tobacco revenues began to plummet?

The patent languished in some dusty old drawer, forgotten by all… until 1981 when one of the first references to “vaping” appears.

Yet another American (an inquisitive physician, this time) Dr Norman L Jacobson presided over a little known trial of imitation cigarettes. The trial was very successful, and the words “vaping” and “vapers” were used to describe the use of the device. Thankfully the words “Noob” and “do you even sub ohm bro?” were not.

Click here for the full story: http://beta.industrydocuments.library.ucsf.edu/documentstore/k/s/w/x//kswx0210/kswx0210.pdf

FYI – In 2014 the Oxford English Dictionary deigned to include the word vaping and designated it word of the year : )

“Inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device: I’d rather people vaped indoors than smoked outside [with object]: many smokers have started vaping e-cigarettes to help them cut down (as noun vaping) there’s concern that young people may take up vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking”


Before you read any further, please be aware that there is no currently agreed upon timeline or legally accurate recent history of vaping. The timeline and personalities mentioned below represent the authors attempt to make sense of a very dynamic subculture. Any omissions are to be considered unwitting and on the advice of my lawyers Dewy, Scruham and Howe… this is a complete work of fiction for entertainment purposes only ; )

In 2001, Mr Stephane Vlachos (a Frenchman) claims to have designed the first functional prototype of the electronic cigarette, using electronic resistance to heat a mixture of glycol and nicotine to produce vapour. One of his prototypes was also shown at the 2002 International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.
Mr Vlachos never patented his idea and planned to manufacture his electronic cigarette in 2004, but changed his mind when an eerily similar product emerged from China. Vlachos claims that his idea was stolen in 2003, sadly, nobody has come forward to confirm the veracity of this story.

The first widely adopted or used Electronic cigarettes were then developed by Mr Hon Lik http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hon_Lik Hon Lik was a Chinese pharmacist who patented his idea in 2003. He was a smoker whose father had died from lung cancer and was trying to give up the gaspers when the idea for personal vaporisers came to him in a dream. How timely Mr Lik!

The story goes that Hon Lik forgot to take off his nicotine patch before bedtime. All that nicotine made his mind produce unusually lucrative dreams that fateful night. He dreamed that he was drowning at sea. He was dying, his lungs filling up with water. Then as if by magic, the water he was drowning in suddenly transformed into a harmless vapour that he could easily breathe.

Although Lik patented the electronic cigarette and e liquid in 2003, his product was only introduced to the US and Europe markets in 2006. They were initially marketed as smoking cessation aids.

Hon Lik’s first e cig consisted of a battery, a plastic cartridge containing the nicotine solution suspended in propylene glycol, and an ultrasonic piezoelectric atomiser made by a company called Golden Dragon Holdings a name that was then changed to Ruyan (it means like or resembling smoke in Chinese).

Click for more unsubstantiated information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruyan

In any dynamic market, innovation is also the key to success and in 2008 something of a breakthrough happened with the invention of the Cartomiser by Umer and Tariq Sheikh (Entrepreneurs from the U.K). The Cartomiser was more user friendly and worked in a slightly different manner than the traditional atomizer/cartridge. Before the Cartomiser, you needed a separate cartridge that attached to an atomizer (heated or ultrasonic). Now, instead of needing several pieces, only one was needed the Cartomiser (a portmanteau of Cartridge and atomiser).

FYI mate: http://www.gamucci.com/about_gamucci

For more info on cig a likes, their development and some of the Big Tobacco companies behind them please click here:




Cartomisers are a tube filled with a poly fill surrounding a heating element. The poly fill absorbs the e liquid around the heating element. Atomiser/cartridge set ups still exist, but have fallen out of favour, due to advances in delivery systems. The Cartomiser dominated the first wave in the personal vaporiser market. They were simple to use, produced great flavour and helped many give up the coffin nails, despite leaking everywhere.

Carto porn: https://www.google.es/search?q=cartomizer+diagram&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=-IC6VMilLYmqUb21g4AL&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1252&bih=594

Boge Cartomisers: http://bogecig.com/

Janty of eGo fame:
Smoke51 http://www.smoke51.com/shop/

Leaks and short battery life encouraged early adopters and backyard boffins to experiment at home, in garages and sheds around the globe… the Modding culture was born. Although it is doubtful that they were braying Clouds Bro! Moar power dude… etc

Nobody is sure exactly who or where the first people to mod their cig a likes were… but there are several contenders.

A pair of modders known as Trog and Mrog took the radical step of replacing the body of an e-cig to make “The Screwdriver.” These pioneers Ted and Matt Rogers, a father-and-son team from the UK turned a pocket torch into an atomizer and battery.

Thank you Gentlemen!

Click here to see a young man review it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcukaPfTUKA

Again another American appears known as “Most Angry Pirate” or Adam Daniels, he was inventing stuff like bigger and better tanks whilst modding old flashlights (not torches) and busy trucking across the USA.
Sit back, relax and vape on your favourite juice as a hard working ex smoker lays it down… vaping trucker style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es7j00m1RjE

After the Screwdriver appeared it prompted more mod-making. Larry Ross (one of the UK´s Modfathers) , or “LittleFeather” wanted to make something bigger than the tube mods that were available and so box mods were born. Nice one, Larry!


Another American “Cisco” runs a website called Avid Vaper, and is widely considered a vaping pioneer and an atomizer guru. “Cisco” designed an original specification for atomizer coils and was the first producer of what are considered as some of the first dripping atomizers ever made. In the past “cisco” was a term used to refer to atomizers built to his atomizer specifications, which to be honest is most likely untrue, as he never revealed what kind of wire he used in his atomizers. Check out the link to his site: http://www.avidvaper.com/

Cartomisers then morphed into Fluxomisers, Smokymisers, Glassomisers and Clearomisers and a myriad of other different varieties from 2011/ 2012 onwards. All over the globe companies began to get involved in improving your vaping experience. And for this we should be thankful, even if your wallet is not.

Dual coils, multiple wicks (and embarrassingly logo´d lanyards) also began to appear in 2011, along with the now infamous eGo style batteries (the T/ C/ Twist etc all came later) and were quickly adopted by vapers.
Some of the better known examples manufactured by Asian companies include:






All of whom continue to innovate and push the boundaries of vaping hardware with Subtank´s, Delta´s, Nautilus´s, Atlantis sub ohm tanks etc. However China´s novel approach to intellectual property and international patent laws may prove fatal to such companies in the future?

RTA´s –
Rebuildable Tank Atomizers or “Tanks” also became increasingly popular in early 2012 as they allow a vaper to customise almost every aspect of their set up along with reducing the costs associated with vaping (all the flavour with clouds bro, clouds…. )

To see one of the early tanks invented by Kir Fanis (a Greek gentleman) please click on the following links:


Some other notable examples include the following:

The Kayfun http://shop.svoemesto.de/

The Lemo http://www.eleafworld.com/product/detail.php/lemo-atomizer.html

The Billow http://www.eciggity.com/billow-rta-by-ehpro-eciggity/

The Orchid http://aethertech.com/

The Fogger http://www.yiloong.com/html-en/directory-oRUpMAIPDtiw—–Fogger.html

RDA´s –
Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers or Drippers also appeared in early 2012 and were invented by Athanasis Raptis (Another Geek, sorry Greek gentleman) AKA “Imeo” and were marketed under the Golden Greek brand.
To see what an early reviewer thought of the GG Odysseus please click on the following link:

Full wiki on this breakthrough http://ggwiki.mengambrea.org/Odysseus

Some notable examples of these fog producing marvels of engineering include:

The Tobh http://tobhmods.com/

The Magma https://www.facebook.com/ParadigmModz/info

The Plume Veil http://aethertech.com/

The Rogue http://capitallvapes.bigcartel.com/


First appearing in early 2011… this interesting variation on both tanks and box mods allowed people to vape large quantities of liquid without the need for constant refilling of drippers.These vapers are zealots and cannot be dissuaded from parting with their mod for a millisecond, they alone have managed to sell all of their old gear and concentrate on the Borgian hegemony that is Squonking.

For more info on this galactic trend please see this link to the original manufacturer:


Who amongst knows what is to come in the near future. There are more Squonking set ups appearing monthly so please do your own research, if this appeals to you as a vaper.

Drip tips:
A source of endless debate, from the classics:

Cherry Vape: http://shop.cherryvape.com/category.sc?categoryId=4

To the latest innovators pushing wide bore “Chunnel” type variations meet Chuff Enuff at:


Please do educate yourself at your nearest respectable B&M or feel free to ask questions on the forum after carefully reading the wiki and sidebar before you attempt to purchase anything online, after all one vaper´s flute is another vaper´s didgeridoo!

Current Vaping Celebrities:

“Grimmgreen”… first appeared on Youtube in February of 2009 reviewing this

Phil Busardo appeared in April 2011, to see what he was reviewing back in the day click here:

Dimitri or “the vaping Greek” is also a well known and respected reviewer since June 2011, please click below to learn more:

Todd broadcasts from a shed in deepest, darkest Scotland and first appeared on Youtube in June 2012, to see his first review please click below:

Another American (seriously bro?) face of vaping, that is far easier on the eye is “RubyRoo”, find out why she is regarded as an ambassador for vaping using the following link:

“TiaVapes” is another young American lady with a large following and if you wish to find out more about her style of reviewing please click below:

No discussion of vaping would be complete without mentioning the force of nature that is “Riptrippers”, this character first appeared in April of 2012 with a unique reviewing style and an approach to coil building and wicking that can only be described as verging on the demented. To understand why this vaper is such a polarising figure click the link:

Honourable mentions should also go out to the following personalities:


A Bloody good vaping:

Indoor Smokers:

Suck my Mod:

The Plumes of Hazard: Redditors to a man : )

En Castellano con Ruades:

This list is by no means definitive and is meant as a primer or guide to some of the better known faces of vaping currently publishing on Youtube in 2015. If you wish to see some of the newer faces from http://www.reddit/r/ecr_eu please check out /u/ironhammer5 along with /u/robthevaper and last but not least /u/auxx

The Gatherings:
The first Vapercons, Vaperpalooza´s or Cloudy Carnivals were really noticed in 2010 when Vapefests were held in both the USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JsoGHM1nhg (see how things have changed in just 5 years) and for those interested in the UK version of events https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcwqLa3lpjc

Mods. Tubes, Boxes and more:
Vaping hardware is divided into Regulated Variable Voltage and/ or Variable wattage mods and Mechanical Mods or “Mechs” mainly found in tube format although there are some unregulated Box mods out there, do your research and ask questions before purchasing anything and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE ONE before studying and understanding OHM´s Law!

All about electricity and vaping here http://www.steam-engine.org/

It is difficult to know what to include when talking about mods, however there are some examples that every self respecting vaper should be aware of such as:

The Silver bullet: http://altsmoke.com/starterkit/advanced-kits/silverbulletusa.html

The “Nemmy” or Nemesis: https://eshop.atmomixani.gr/en/

The Caravela: http://www.caravelamods.pt/

The Provari, one of the first and most famous variable voltage innovators:

The Lavatube was also one of the first widely available variable voltage mods:

The “Toyota” of the vaping world AKA the almost indestructible MVP:

To see why it´s regarded as indestructible watch these future presidents of America testing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zfjwlXdCqY

The Hana box mod: https://www.hanamodz.com/

The Billet box: http://www.billetboxvapor.com/

Reddit´s own: http://www.reddit.com/r/MurdurMod/

Another Redditor : ) http://www.reddit.com/r/gryphon/

The Vapor Flask: http://www.vaporflask.com/

Sigelei: http://www.sigelei.com/

As well as the gamers delight:

Budding Sherlock´s and Gandalf´s click below for some hardcore pipe porn, they first appeared around 2011 and continue to offer vapers an alternative to tubes and boxes:

Finally no discussion of mods would be complete without mentioning the Staff of Agamemnon: http://dbliquids.com/hardware?product_id=216

There are now so many mods out there that we could talk for hours about the elitism, the limited editions, the precious metals and the eye watering prices as niche markets in vaping were properly fulfilled, but for the sake of brevity we must move along.

The Clone wars (sorry Mr Lucas) long a problem for all manufacturers became increasingly evident in 2013 and heated up over 2014 with the advent of many different factories in Shenzen, China and other nameless locations worldwide, producing variations on practically every theme, design and innovation available. To learn more about a particularly infamous case in 2014 start here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T47TSbEoMXY

Then simply search “Ameravape” and the “Fuhattan”on reddit and enjoy the drama as the whole story explodes over the summer of 2014.

Today if you can find the right SKU, there is most probably a copy of your favourite shiny piece of vaping
ephemera at http://www.fasttech.com

N.B. – Caveat Emptor!

Eliquid or Juice:

Where to start… well… in the beginning the main liquids were single flavours, mainly fruits, tobaccos (RY4 etc) and menthols/ mints made by:


Over the years the aforementioned… along with many other companies started to manufacture more interesting and complex e liquids. Now they are generally divided into the following categories; Fruit/ Menthol/ Tobacco/ Dessert and Bakery / Beverage and Cocktail and of course Savoury and Floral/Herbal flavours. Although there are many hybrids and crossovers from such notable American brands such as:









Along with some noted European manufacturers:












Once again this list is by no means complete but should serve as a simple starter guide to the endless combinations of flavours available to even the most casual vaper. Please do not hesitate to ask in the sub for other recommendations or see the sidebar for listings and our European juice of the Year 2014.

More information on individual juices is available from several different websites please see the following links to help you identify your next favourite:



There are also bi monthly threads on reddit… see what your contemporaries are vaping here:




For those of you who like to DIY or make your own juice there are many different sites to learn this skill. Vapers have been making their own juice since the beginning of the of vaping. Please have a look the following links if this appeals to you:




Wicking and wire:

Popularly regarded as the premier supplier of coiling material:

Nichrome and a host of other great vaping stuff:

However there is some disagreement on the subject regarding Kanthal v NiChrome and more recently Titanium, for more info please click here: http://www.reddit.com/r/RBA/comments/2c36j/question_why_vape_with_nichrome_or_any_other_wire/

The perennial debate over what wicking material is best (Silica/ Cotton/ Rayon/ Mesh) has always been a source of contention amongst vapers, but should you wish to learn more please click below:


Before even attempting your first build using any of the materials available above please consider ohms law and avoid any nasty accidents by using the links below

Web page:

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.valsoft.vaperstoolbox&hl=es

iPhone app:

Another evolving industry, producing products that have divided vapers for years now, however there are some batteries that are universally recognised as safe to use. Sadly due to the plethora of imitation and fake models out there, you are advised to always consult the sub and the sidebar for approved vendors before any purchase.

Battery Chargers:
Again you are advised to consult with other members of the sub before choosing the best set up for your style of vaping as this technology is constantly evolving.

For a timeline of e cigarettes, vaping and history of relevant studies and pertinent legislation around the world please click on the links below:




Read this and weep:

Medical information:
The world´s foremost authority Dr Konstantine Farsolinos on the study and effects of vaping can be found at the link below, please have a look at his findings. Many of his studies disprove some of the more outlandish claims made by your friends and foes. It is also a good way of keeping track on the currently controversial chemicals such as Diacetyl, Propionyl and Formaldehydes found in some e liquids:


An unfinished guide or an incomplete vapers glossary:

Analog: A traditional tobacco cigarette, an electronic cigarette is “digital”.

APV – Advanced Personal Vapouriser: an advanced version of the personal vapouriser. It may consist of a larger
battery and advanced technical features such as variable voltage or variable wattage.

Adapter: Adapters allow a specific style of cartomiser or atomiser to fit onto a different style battery.

ADV – All Day Vape: The e- liquid you constantly vape because it´s good, damn good.

Atty – Atomiser: Metal wire wrapped around a core, in a metal housing that screws into a battery. When electricity from the battery is applied it vapourises the e-liquid, generating vapour.

Automatic: A battery that activates the heating element when taking a drag. No button! An internal sensor automatically activates upon air/ vapor movement.

AWG – American Wire Gauge: USA measuring unit to determine the resistance and diameter of the electric wire used to make coils in atomizers.

Battery:The battery provides power to the atomiser/cartomiser when the user draws on the mouthpiece or pushes the button/ switch. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Blank (Cartomizer): an empty cartridge. Comes in various thread sizes, 510, 808, and 901.

Box Mod: Modified e cig in a box shape.

Bridge: A U / V shaped covering the top of the heating coil of some atomizers. An absorbent material designed to wick e- liquid to the heating element.

B&M – Bricks and Mortar: a shop rather than an internet site.

Cartomiser: (Carto) The cartomiser combines a heating element and a juice delivery system into a single unit. It is disposable or refillable. Cartomisers can come in a single coil, dual coil, or even triple coil configurations.

Cartomiser Tank: A cartomiser tank is a tube to hold e- liquid. The cartomiser sits in the middle of the tube and will have a hole/ holes punched in the bottom so that the e-liquid is fed inside.

Cart – Cartridge: A mouthpiece that houses the filler material with your e-liquid.

Charger: A battery charger is used to recharge your e-cig battery once it has been depleted.

CASAA: Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association. An American non–profit organization campaigning for freedom of usage of electronic cigarettes or vapes.

Clouds: Large plumes or billows of vapour.

CloudChasing/ Cloud Chaser: Vapers interested in blowing large plumes of vapour, normally found clogging up the arteries of your local vape emporium.

Coil: A length of nichrome or kanthal wire that has been wrapped around a wick. Current flows through the coil; the coil gets hot, and vapourises your e-liquid.

Clearo – Clearomizer: Transparent cartomizer. Designed to allow users to see how much e- liquid they have left. A wick or wicks are used to deliver eliquid to the coil. There are top coil and bottom coil configurations.

Cut-Off: Automatic shutdown happens if you take to long a draw from an e- cigarette. This takes place after a 5 to 15 second draw. This feature prevents the atomizer/cartomizer from overheating. Some e-cigarettes will flash the LED indicating a cut-off.

DCT – Dual Coil Tank: A dual coil cartomizer inserted in the middle of a tank with holes punched in the bottom so that juice can flow into the cartomizer.

Debridge: Removing the bridge (and wicking material) from an atomizer.

Deck: The part of the atomiser where you build the coils.

De-wick: Removing the wick from your tank, atty, clearo, carto or squonker.

Disposables / Disposable e cig: The disposable e-cigarette usually comes with no charger or way to charge it. It is designed to be used once and to last long enough for you to vape through 1 prefilled cartomizer. See the section on cig a likes or Big Tobacco.

DIY: Do It Yourself: Usually refers to making and mixing e-liquid and saving a lot of money along the way : )

DNA: computer chips that regulate wattage and voltage made by http://www.evolvapor.com/ , recent innovations include temperature control when using NiChrome wire. Other manufacturers such as http://www.yihiecigar.com/ are now offering alternatives in this arena.

Doubler: Mainly found in Australia, double strength flavour for mixing with base liquids (may or may not contain nicotine).

Drip: Putting drops of e-liquid into an atomizer.

Drip Tip: A drip tip is essentially a mouthpiece to be used on an atomizer for dripping.

Dripping: Dripping is the act of allowing e-liquid to manually getting to the heating element by “dripping” e-liquid onto the heating element directly.

Drip Well: A bowl shape on a mod at the female atomiser connection. The well is designed to catch any excess juice or leaks.

Dry Hit: Occurs when not enough e-liquid is supplied to an atomiser or cartomiser, resulting in poor vapour and flavour and an unforgettable feeling in the back of your throat. Best avoided whenever possible!

Electronic Cigarette: (E-Cig) – (E-Cigarette) – (Personal Vapouriser) (PV) The electronic cigarette produces vapour from vaporisation of the e- liquid

E-Cigar: See above only bigger.

E-Pipe: The E-pipe consists of the same components of an electronic cigarette, but resembles a tobacco pipe.

E-Liquid: (E Juice) is vaporised by the heating element and this vapour is inhaled to create the sensation of smoking. Contains Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and Flavoring. Nicotine is optional.

eGo: A style of electronic cigarette, which utilizes the 510 threads and allows one to use 510 components but with a much larger battery and charge capacity. Very popular e-cig amongst beginners or Noobs.

ECA: Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA): An industry group (2009). Made up of suppliers and manufacturers who united to keep the e- cigarette legal in America.

Filler Material: This is the filling inside a cartridge or cartomizer. It is designed to soak in the e-liquid and direct it to the heating element.

Flavour Chaser: A vaper who is more interested in the taste of eliquids or juices (me )

Flooding: Too much e-liquid has flooded an atomizer (atty) or cartomizer (carto) and results in poor vapour and can cause “gurgling”.

Gurgling: Occurs when too much juice is supplied to a given device resulting in flooding. Condensation building up in the air passage may also be responsible.

Goose neck: Longer curved drip tip or mouthpiece that looks like a Goose´s neck.

ICR: Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable Battery.

IMR: Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable Battery.

Juice: Also known as e-liquid.

Kanthal: One of three types of resistance wire used for a heating coil. Others include Nichrome and Titanium.

Kick: An add in between your battery and atomiser connection that allows you to convert a standard Tube Mod into a Variable Wattage device.

Li Po: Lithium Polymer batteries used in model planes, cars and mods.

Low Resistance: (LR) A coil with a lower Ohm rating than the standard equipment. It generally causes the heating element to get hotter faster and produces vapor more quickly. Lower resistance produces more vapour than anything else with a standard resistance rating.

mAh: Milliamp Hour ratings for batteries.

Manual: A style of electronic cigarette that has a button (mounted usually on the top side of the battery) that when pushed, activates the heating element.

Mini: A smaller than average e-cig.

ml – Millilitres: The amount or portion measured in a container.

mg – Milligrams: the amount of nicotine found in e-liquid. From 0mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg, 16mg, 24mg, 30mg, 36mg. Variations are available.

Mod: A custom built PV device.

Modder: Modder´s modify an electronic cigarette to their own preference.

Mouthpiece: A drip tip can be referred to as a mouthpiece.

NiMH: Ni-MH stands for Nickel-Metal Hydride. Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries have no Cadmium added. When using Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries charging should be monitored to avoid overcharging.

Nic/ Nicotine: A poison in large quantities it is an alkaloid found in tobacco and other plants of the nightshade family (Potatoes and Tomatoes etc).

Noob: a Beginner or novice

Ohm: A measure of electrical resistance. Lower numbers indicate lower resistance and thus faster heating times.

Pass-through: Built into many electronic cigarettes and mods allowing you to use them while they are charging, some batteries should always be charged separately, please read the manual before attempting this with your vape/ecig/mod.

PCC: Personal Charging Case. A device that is charged first and then used to charge your electronic cig on the go or away from an electrical outlet.

Pen Style: An e cig resembling a pen.

PG: Propylene Glycol (PG) is used as a base carrier for nicotine and flavouring. Propylene Glycol is currently considered safe to use in medical products/ food products for general consumption. Some people have an allergic reaction to PG.

PV: Personal Vaporiser. An electronic cigarette.

Pull: The draw or drag from your electronic cigarette.

RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser: available in a myriad of designs. Some have a wick, SS mesh and/ or kanthal wire. Rebuildable atomizers save on cost and can be customised for flavour or clouds etc.

RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomisers: See above… but add a tank for holding e-liquid.

Standard Resistance: (SR) A standard resistance atomizer is 2.5 ohms.

Smokeless Cigarette: This term is used to refer to an electronic cigarette.

Stick Style: electronic cigarettes that are close to the size of a tobacco cigarette.

Stacking: Using two batteries in series instead of one battery. You should always use matched battery pairs, and devices that have vent holes, and batteries that have protection built in. For advanced vapers only! Be very careful and please consult several experienced vaping adults before even contemplating this! You have been warned.

Steeping: (aging/curing/maturing) allows the components of the e-liquid to mix, intermingle and mature. Opening the cap and letting air into the bottle is sometimes also a preferred method of steeping, along with shaking the bottle to mix the components and leaving them alone on the naughty step for some time to cool off.

Sub Ohming: the practice of running your coils at below 1 ohm, not for beginners and can be dangerous, learn about ohms law before trying this. You have been warned!

TH – Throat Hit: the sensation that is felt in the back of the throat when inhalation is taken from the mouth down the throat. The nicotine level used and or the quality of the e-liquid will change this feeling. Higher levels of nicotine and PG generally give a greater throat hit.

Topping Off: Adding drops of e-liquid into an atty or tank is called topping off.

Toot: Another Americanism used to describe the pull or to draw from your electronic cigarette.

Vaping: The act of using an electronic cigarette.

Vape: The electronic version of smoking. So much better and the flavour…mmmmmmm.

Vapour: The water vapour produced when e liquid is heated by the atomizer or coil.

Vaper: A smoker smokes : ( A Vaper vapes : )

Vaporiser: The Vaporiser turns a liquid into a gas or vapour. Another word used for electronic cigarette, e-cig, PV, etc.

Variable Voltage: (VV) Variable Voltage allows you to control how many volts your device will produce.

Variable Wattage: (VW) Variable Wattage allows you to control how many watts your device will produce.

VV/VW: Some advanced personal vaporisers, incorporate both variable voltage and variable wattage features.
Vent Holes: Holes on the side or bottom of e cigs and mods, designed to vent gases in the event of a battery failure.

VG – Vegetable Glycerin: is a compound that comes from vegetable oil (palm or coconut). It is a humectant (it retains moisture). It is used in e-Liquids to amplify vapour production and as a sweetener. Because some people have light to severe allergies to PG (propylene glycol) they may seek e-Liquids that are higher in VG content. Currently considered safe for human consumption.

Voltage: Volts are supplied to the atty or tank from the battery. Multi voltage devices have a range of predetermined voltage settings.

Watts: Watts is a measurement of power that is the function of the voltage of your electronic cigarette or mod and the resistance of your atty or tank. Watts = Voltage (squared) of your device divided by the resistance of your coils.

Wick: A wick is an absorbent material normally organic cotton, silica string or rayon. (Wicking) also refers to the act of directing the e-liquid from the container to the heating element.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end, this is by no means a definitive history of vaping; The Nebula, the DSC – 801, 901, 905´s, The Prodigy V2/V3, The Billet, The GLV2, The UMP, The Wetbox, The Big Kazoo along with a battalion of tanks, have been omitted in a vain attempt at brevity.

There are also many Modders and reviewers who shall remain nameless or be included here in the future as they are rightfully recognised for their contributions to vaping.

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