‘Tis the season to be vaping…

With only 6 sleeps to go… before you know who parks his sleigh on your roof, comes down your chimney and fills your stockings with goodies, there’s just enough time to revisit some noteworthy e liquids I have been lucky enough to vape in 2014.

There is something for everyone in the list below and if you cannot find what you are looking for please feel free to suggest other liquids that I should try in 2015.

Before, during or after you start reading, please do click on the links below to enjoy some seasonally appropriate tunes:

Classic stuff http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2014/dec/18/sarah-connollys-christmas-playlist

Jazzy stuff http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/dec/15/alison-balsom-christmas-playlist

Alt stuff http://www.nme.com/photos/35-great-alternative-christmas-songs/201045

Suavely louche liquids:

Gins Addiction and Dr Stanley Clarke’s Snake Oil – decadent cocktail concoctions, see previous posts here:


Reviewed by Dumbgecko:



Grants, no lumps, burnt bits or dry powder, smooth, aged, quality custard, a must have. Read all about it here https://thegourmandsguidetogourmet.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/grants-custard-a-love-story/


Thenancara Benedicte: You will never taste anything like it, still undecided as to whether I love or hate it, which only makes me want to try the rest of their juices… aristocratic French anarchy.


Tobevaping: A Night in Messina – Lavender and vanilla embrace like lovers in a Klimt painting. This tastes like the best artisan gelato in the world, made by mad culinary scientists snorting Bunsen vapor.


Britain in a Bottle

MrsLords: Experience Britain in a bottle and vape the taste of this green and pleasant land without the butlers, the badgers or the simply ghastly weather. Read my review here


House of Liquids El Toro: All that taste, none of the tar, just that sweet, sweet nicotine in many different varieties…


‘Murican joose contenders.

Disclaimer: I have yet to try Suicide Bunny, Bombies, Adirondacks, The Vape Kitchen, Wit E Octopus… ; )

5 pawns Queenside: Creamy Californian bloody orange extortion.

Halo Voodoo: Plummy vanilla and cinnamon coil gunking goodness

Halo Shamrock: Belting Belgian chocolate debauchery with mint.

POETS Torte de Arnica: Nona’s secret weapon, subtly sublime.

See my post here: http://www.reddit.com/r/ecr_eu/comments/2i0y6y/review_contest/

Merry Christmas one and all, I would also like to thank the following people and companies: Grant, Rips, Mrs Lord, Sally, Vapeboy, Michelle, To be Vaping, Thenancara, Nadege, Van Dykes, Nathan and /u/EternalSunshine to name but a few.

If you or your company have a service or product that you would like to get independently reviewed in 2015, please send an email to: thegourmandsguidetogourmet@gmail.com


Rips e juice

Cheltenham, Gloucester, UK, home of the Gold Cup, GCHQ (discreet suppliers of telephonic intelligence to James Bond) and Rips international.

Rips will be known to many of you as the purveyors of some of the finest skins in existence, including the groundbreaking cigarette papers on a roll, enabling you to make your own cigarettes (tobacco or otherwise) in King size and even Galactic Emperor size, should you so wish.

They have recently entered the e liquid market with a range of juice’s consisting mainly of fruity flavours with menthol and tobacco finishing the line up.

All juices 8mg/ml, 80%PG/20%VG, vaped using rayon in a Magma firing at 1.7 on a Cana between 11w and 15w.

First we have Madagascan Vanilla, which is exactly what is says on the label, sweet Bourbon or Madagascan Vanilla. Great stuff, with a delicious room note, even if it is nothing new. I am also delighted to report there was no peppery nicotine underlying all that Vanilla : )

Next up Sweet Tobacco, which again was exactly like the label, similar to Alfaliquids FR4/RYU it is a sweet caramelised light blond tobacco with a dry finish.

Then I tried the Golden Apple, it tastes somewhere between apple or pear drops. Thankfully you need not worry about shredding the roof of your mouth like after one of the aforementioned childhood candies. No dry mouth with this liquid either.

Wild Strawberry tasted exactly like you would expect, strawberries.

Gorgeous Grape, the lurid purple/pink colouring aside, this is grape with a frisson of chemical, what chemical you ask? I neither know nor care.

Blueberry Crush tastes like crushed blueberries with a slight end note from the chemistry lab.

Menthol is another classic sinus clearing vape, a perfect palate cleanser.

Finally the intriguing Lemongrass and Lime, Like what a Schweppes bitter lemon wants to be… when it grows up, it is by far the greatest liquid from Rips. If you try no other, try this one!

It is the best lemon (grass) and lime I have ever tasted. Imagine a lime soaked in Lemongrass fired out of a cannon onto your tongue, this is better, much better and not quite so hazardous to your health.

For more information please see http://www.r-ejuice.com remember to type in XMAS14 for a cheeky 12.5 % discount on your juice. Expect even more complex and interesting flavours from this innovative company in 2015.

If you or your company have a product or service you would like independently reviewed please contact me at http://www.thegourmandsguidetogourmet.wordpress.com