Van Dyke’s Vapes, a family affair.

Van Dyke’s

For clarity, today we will not be talking about Disney’s darling Dick, friend of penguins, the chin concealing beards, the Psychedelic ’60s rockers, nor will we be making tediously predictable sapphic vehicle witticisms.

Today is all about the juice, e liquids from Yorkshire in the UK. All liquids were 50/50 PG/VG, 6mg/ml and vaped at 1.8 ohms in a Magma using celu-cotton, firing on 15 watts.

Ivory Pippin:
With enough butter to make even Nigella Lawson blush, this vape is like a soft winter pudding served with something special… did I mention the butter? A great dessert vape filled with liqueur (Almond / Baileys?) alongside hints of butterscotch and a mellow or mild apple centre. It is a dessert that firmly occupies the opposite end of the apple spectrum to Venus in Vapes by Halcyon Haze, it is a quiet, subtle vape that is almost perfumed.

I am putting this aside and look forward to trying it again in the future, I feel this will only improve as the buttery pastry notes fade into the mix.

Dragon Punch:
Like Dragon Oil from Alfaliquid only sweeter, much sweeter. If you like the unusual taste of fresh Pitahaya or Sugar apple as it is also known, then this is for you, all the fruit, only in vape form. As you might expect, it tastes just like the precocious offspring of a rogue strawberry who fell in love with a rebellious kiwi fruit.

Black Ninja:
A blackjack lazily swimming in a pool of unadulterated Ribena, or for those of you who have never tasted either, like a Pernod and Black, but without the ice, the alcohol or the knowing smirk from the barman.

A great liquorice and blackcurrant vape, plainly and simply delicious.

For more information on the real Van Dyke’s contact Only 4.99 per bottle of family made goodness, they also have a large selection of assorted vape gear.


One thought on “Van Dyke’s Vapes, a family affair.

  1. i Have been useing VDV for a month now has I tryed a 10ml bottle of Dragon punch exallent taste love the Flavor so I moved on to The 50 ml bottle of Dragon punch this juice is deff up there with all the good vapeing Shops has like Vampire Vape and Go 4 Smoke 👌👍


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